Icebreaker Under Dwell Level 21 Dig It

One strategy for Under Dwell Level 21, Dig It, is to clear the vertical path for Viking by drop the bombs one by one, and by detonating them in key locations. Then simply cut the rope holding viking.

For par, we borrow Aaron’s strategy: Cut the left and lower-center bombs at the same time. Next, be prepared to cut at a sharp angle, so you can blow up the first bomb to remove the first obstacle while also causing the top-center bomb to drop. I set the first bomb off very close to the tip of the “rock” protrusion. You now have the first obstacle cleared and two bombs rolling down. If you are lucky, the timing will be such that you can vertically slice both bombs when they are over the lower two obstacles. You then have a straight shot down and can drop your viking into the boat.

If you have a different strategy for completing this level feel free to leave a comment below.

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