Angry Birds Seasons Trick or Treat Golden Eggs Walkthroughs

There are two Golden Eggs in Angry Birds Seasons Trick or Treat. For complete details on how to obtain each of the Golden Eggs and for our video walkthroughs just click on the respective image below to be taken to that page.

Golden Egg #3 – Level 3-2 has the Golden Egg. Break the floating pumpkin with a reverse shot using the Boomerang Bird. This one is pretty nifty, so check out the video if you are having trouble.

Golden Egg #4 – Big Pumpkin is unlocked after you 3-star all levels. Once you’ve accomplished this goal tap the pumpkin in the middle of the Golden Egg screen to open up the level.

Trick or Treat Golden Eggs Video Walkthroughs


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    Comments (46)

    Potato says:

    Is the second egg (the white bird one) legitimate or just a programming leftover from the original game? It doesn’t seem to show up on the main pumpkin screen with the other one.

    I think it might be a mistake. Did you notice that the egg in the help screen wasn’t gold like in the main game?

    pauly D says:


    It shows up as a gold egg then disappears and doesnt show up in the golden egg menu

    Anne says:

    same for me, golden egg displayed yet it did not show up on the golden edd page

    Brett says:

    Same over here.

    Ari says:

    In the main game the help menu egg was gold and after you get it, it’s white. In this one the egg is white so nothing is supposed to happen… and nothing does happen.

    Josh.h says:

    Ari your right, mine are the same. You’re not supposed to get an egg from there that’s why it’s White, not gold. They’re not going to use the same eggs as before cuz that’d make it to easy :)

    i really did everything as described here to get the 2nd “white bird” golden egg in the “trick or treat” level but the bug doesn’t seem to be working on my iphone…

    i already three-starred everything else and have all golden eggs… this is the only one missing… does anyone know anything about that? i’ve tapped thousands of times on every single inch of the white bird help menu in various different levels and nothing!

    thanks for your help…

    FujiToast says:

    Did anyone hear if this bug was fixed in any of the updates?

    mario says:

    het tweede gouden ei is er wel, klik op de witte vogel in het helpmenu,hij komt dan te voorschijn. klik daarna op het gouden ei die je in level 3-2 gevonden had.(level 4 dus) daarna linksboven op de “pauze”knop. Je ziet hem nu bovenin. Je kunt er verder niks mee, maar hij is er wel. grappig toch. heb verder alle levels 3 sterren dus heb ook het 3de gouden ei. hiep hoi

    Andrew says:

    I don’t know where the White Bird help menu is that is referenced to get golden egg #2. A little help?

    First, you have to unlock the white bird. Once you have the white bird click the ? from the menu on any level. Tap through the help screens until you see the white bird help menu. That said, this Golden Egg seems to have been left in by mistake.

    Bummed says:

    So, because Golden Egg Golden Egg #2 doesn’t show up in the egg screen, is there only Golden Egg #1 available now?

    There should be two. I believe there is another one if you 3-Star each level.

    nokiawiz says:

    The 3rd so called Golden Egg is actually after the total destruction of all 4 levels with 3 stars and the pumpkin in the golden egg screen will glow.

    As for the 2nd Golden Egg on the white bird help screen, all of us figured that it was a programming bug.

    Also other bugs reported for this halloween version is that at times, the summary screen comes up too fast even before the scoring can be completed thus affecting the final score of that round. Also happens in the golden star round.

    But I must say, Rovio sure kept us entertained. Now I am waiting to see if they come up with the Thanksgiving and Christmas versions! :)

    Happy Hunting!

    richard says:

    if you 3 star each level, thats what makes the pumpkin light up. there are 2 eggs, i have one, and i had one on my other iphone but cant remember where it is. ill find it again! it is out there somewhere

    Go to Level 3-2 and break the floating pumpkin with the Boomerang Bird. Check out the Halloween Golden Egg walkthrough for a complete rundown.

    Nutzy says:

    did you guys know about this egg here:

    Yeah, that’s a bug. We discussed it here, with additional comments down the page. You can get the egg but there is no level or star associated with it. Thanks for posting though — you never know!

    Alexzander says:

    This is so AWSOME I have all golden eggs in angry birds seasons,angry birds I can’t wait for ANGRY BIRDS RIO

    Bmr says:

    Were is the one on the three star level I have looked at tons of videos just can’t find it :(

    FujiToast says:

    Can you be more specific?

    There isn’t one. The 3 star level is the Golden Egg level.

    Bmr says:

    Is there a golden egg on the last level? The 3 star on all one? I have looked at all the videos icons but can still not find it :( help anyone?

    There isn’t one on the last level, but if you 3 star all levels you can play the Big Pumpkin 3 Star level, which is considered a Golden Egg level.

    Kim says:

    The so called mistake egg on the white bird help screen is just showing you that that bird drops egg bombs. It is not suppose to be a golden egg.

    Yes, but at the time of writing tapping said white egg would pop up a Golden Egg. This was a bug that has since been fixed.

    Max says:

    The third golden egg listed here is indeed a bug (for the seasons edition) This same golden egg can be found in the original Angry Birds game and will appear with the golden egg levels in the original Angry Birds only.

    Yes. But used to be a golden egg in seasons as well

    DocTonyNYC says:

    I have to say that I chuckle when I see people dogmatically saying the same things in post after post!. AMslim, you have the patience of a saint!

    Mustang says:

    Oopps… I meant to say I do not see the #3 golden Egg for Trick or Treat seasons. Also, It is letting me access the Big Pumpkin even though I have 134/135 stars on this level.

    What could that be?

    Laurence says:

    There was a bug that meant the big pumpkin and golden egg levels were swapped. When this bug was fixed, if you didn’t have 3 stars in everything, the ordinary golden egg disappeared, however the big pumpkin unlocked. You can just re-obtain the golden egg by following the instructions above

    i cant say says:

    is this only on android or on iphone aswell – i done the recent wreck the halls update then i went on to trick or treat on 2011 and the big pumpkin was lit up without all 3 stars and my level 3-2 golden egg was gone + this golden egg is way different to yours can anny1 tell me why

    The golden eggs were switched accidentally during the v2.0.0 version of seasons. You must have earned the egg in 3-2 then. After the levels were corrected in v2.1.0, your egg became the big pumpkin. You should be able to re-obtain the egg in 3-2 and all should be fine.

    i cant say says:

    All is fine now I have got the level 3-2 golden egg back thanks a lot

    Renting says:

    I have angry birds seasons v.2.2.0 and the big pumpkin is the golden egg level and the golden egg is the big pumpkin level
    I am using the iPad.
    Do you know why this is happening?


    Kartflyer says:

    Better update your game, this was an error in v2.0.0. It was fixed after that.

    Laurence says:

    He says he’s on 2.2.0 though…..

    Kartflyer says:

    That’s peculiar…

    sal9 says:

    weren’t the levels flip flopped with the 2.1.0 update?

    Laurence says:

    yes, to correct a previous flip-flop the other way! I suppose if you only got the app at v2.0.0 then they would seem incorrect now!

    I have a feeling that when he/she was updated to 2.1.0., they hit the GE in 3-2 unlocking the big pumpkin. Later when updated to 2.2.0., The big pumpkin was still unlocked and he/she didn’t pass all levels.

    I think you may be running v2.0.0 instead. These levels were switched then but corrected in v2.1.0.

    Nightmoves says:

    Question…I have 3 starred all levels….Have GE #3….pumpkin is lit up but there is no star behind the big
    pumpkin like in the walk through picture….is there supposed to be?

    No, that big star in the background was removed long ago.

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