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  • After I have cleared all 8 islands, I found Bomb is the best all around fighter as long as he got Monster Hat and Smoke Pipe (+50 attack). He also has balanced attack and defense.
    Matilda is good especially she has pretty high HP, but her attack and defense aren’t good as Bomb even she has Turtle Hat and Harp equipped.
    Chuck and Red get lower defense and Chuck has a bit lower HP.
    Stella and Blues are weaklings IMO.

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  • Sir Falcon

    I LUV Red, but Matilda is my best fighter. I have Cleopatra Hat (SS item) for her.


    I like the Blues, they have good defence and attack (two SS things help a lot) but I don’t use them now because they are already lvl 30. I usually play with Bomb who is well balanced even though mine has no SS equipment. Matilda is good but every second Chuck kills her easily and so Reds with shurikens.

    Peter Kim

    Probably mine is red cause he has 2 s items and 1 ss

    Brandon Hart

    In my opinion it’s all about whatever bird you win the most with or has the best SS equipment. My best is the blues as I have 3 SS items – Me me stick, pokercards, and winner helmet. I don’t try to play birds just to level them up as this actually makes them worse in a way (tournaments, harder fights, etc…) Yes, it shows more stats, but you are worse off.

    If all birds were perfect, I truly think Red would be the best overall with all of his 3 items simply because his sabotage also clears all the red tiles off the board and actually forces the other player to press boxes. As your own birds color of tiles are worth more this seems to be a distinct advantage.

    On the other hand, the case could be made for Chuck and Matilda. Get enough sabotages and the other player literally has to pause until the sabotage is cleared. That’s just my opinion 3,000 fights in – it could change.

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