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  • Hello everyone.
    This time I will talk about something really cool, I hope you like it!

    Do you remeber the online multiplayer? It was added in July 2014 with the version 1.4.0. It was a cool game mode where you could compete with other players to get Golden Eggs and trophies; sadly it was removed in March 2016, with the update 1.13.7.

    Some months later a big update was released, in June 2016, the version 2.0.
    There’s a lot of people (including me) that doesn’t like Angry Birds Go! anymore since it got updated to v2.0; with that update the game was drastically changed, a lot of people disliked this update, but the most important change was that once your game was updated, you lost all your progress, karts and unlocked characters.
    The reason is obvious, the game mechanics where totally changed so you must start from zero, that was really frustrating for a lot of people, including myself.

    But, did you know there’s a way to play the old Angry Birds Go! and recover your old progress? You can even play online multiplayer again, and without loosing any of your current progress!

    IMPORTANT: If you want to try this, first read the following:

    – To install old versions of the game you should uninstall your current version first, this is to prevent data corruption; don’t forget to save your progress with your Rovio Account before uninstalling!
    There’s a method to install other versions of the same app without having to delete your updated one, you can follow this tutorial.

    Choose which version you want to get (Android only):

    The last version which had online multiplayer is the 1.12.0, you can download it here.

    If you don’t care about online multiplayer and you only want the classic game experience, you can get the latest version before 2.0, the 1.13.9 here.

    After you got your game installed:
    If you had progress saved on a Rovio Account before v2.0 once you sign in into the account, you’ll get all that progress back, without loosing your actual progress.

    With old versions you can still use all the online features.

    Here are some screenshots of how all the features that were discontinued a long time ago are still working in old versions.

    Angry Birds Go v1.12.0 Title Screen

    Weekly Tournament – Week #49, 2017

    Daily Event – 12-03-2017

    Multiplayer – My Profile

    Multiplayer – My Team

    Multiplayer – Players Found

    Multiplayer – 1st place

    Telepods – Green Baron

    Rovio Account – My Account

    Its awesome the thing that you can enjoy again all this, specially the online multiplayer…

    And for last, join to my team! You can add me on Facebook if you want in order to invite you manually to my team, aparently there’s some issues with team searching.

    Thanks for reading!

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Home Forums Angry Birds GO! Forum You can still play online multiplayer in old versions

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