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  • Hello,

    First off I apologize if this has been asked before but I searched and I didn’t find any specific information regarding comparisons between slingshots. Of course, there is information on what each slingshot does but not so much in comparison to one another.

    I was fortunate to pick up the Wishbone when it as available. I want to know are there are any differences between Golden and Wishbone? If so, what are they?

    Next, I also have the Stone Crusher slingshot and the Jingle Slingshot. I understand the benefits of both but how does the Wishbone compare to the Stone Crusher when it comes to damaging stones? For example, if there is a level with a little of everything on it, the Wishbone is by far the best because it does extra damage to all materials. However, if the level was all stone blocks, would it be better to use the Stone Crusher or is the Wishbone also better in this situation?

    Hypothetically, lets say that the Wishbone does 2x damage to all materials including stones. Is it safe to say that the following is true:

    Stone Crusher = 2x damage to stones
    Wood Chipper = 2x to wood
    Glass Smasher = 2x damage to glass

    Or is it more like this:

    Wishbone = 1.5x damage to all materials
    Stone Crusher = 2x damage to stones
    Wood Chipper = 2x to wood
    Glass Smasher = 2x damage to glass

    I don’t want to buy the Golden Slingshot if it is not worth it since I have the Wishbone. And strategically I want to know if it is worth while to switch between the other slingshots or if the Wishbone should be my only slingshot from now on. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and I appreciate any assistance you can offer regarding this topic.

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  • Viking

    I guess no one has any input on the subject. If anyone has a guess, I am still interested in that as well. I am sure some of you have an educated guess based on your own experiences. Please share. :)


    I have plenty of input, I’m just late. My apologies. The gold sling is absolutely no different from the wishbone sling. The only thing is, I remember Rovio once mentioning that the seasonal slings might only be temporary, and they might remove them some day, putting you in need of a replacement, in a gold sling, which I believe will be a permanent fixture.

    As far as damage goes, here are some of my findings:

    Blue bird (without splitting them) aimed at a short, thick rectangular stone (2×4) worth 1900 total points, no power ups:
    Standard, Original Sling: 80 points.
    Golden Sling: 1250 points.
    Stone Sling: 1900+ points (complete destruction of said stone)
    Test level: Poached Eggs 13.

    Yellow bird (Chuck), aimed at a large stone boulder, worth 6500 total points, no power ups:
    Standard, Original Sling: 320 points.
    Golden Sling: 1520 points.
    Stone Sling: 1920 points.
    Test level: Poached Eggs 20.

    Yellow bird, same condition, added King Sling:
    Standard, Original Sling without speed deployment: 440
    Standard, Original Sling with speed deployment: 570
    Gold Sling without speed deployment: 1950
    Gold Sling with speed deployment: 2410
    Stone Sling without speed deployment: 2460
    Stone Sling with speed deployment: 3020

    Yellow bird, same condition, added King Sling + Super Seeds + Speed Deployment (Maximum Damage)
    Standard, Original Sling: 1070
    Gold Sling: 4180
    Stone Sling: 5220


    As you can see, the Gold sling did considerably more damage than the standard sling, but the Stone sling achieved considerably the most damage, and nearly destroyed the large stone boulder with one hit.

    Conclusion: Each specialized sling (ice, wood, stone) works by far the best on their respective ice/wood/stone objects. If a level is of mostly stone, definitely use the stone sling. If the level is mostly or entirely wood, like Mighty Hoax 25, use wood sling. If mostly ice, use ice sling. They do great deals more damage to their respective objects, but no more damage to other objects.

    The Gold Sling (Wishbone Sling) does significantly more damage than the original sling to all ice, wood, and stone, but not as much damage as the specialized specific slings to their respective objects.

    RECOMMENDATION: Use Gold or Wishbone Sling if the level contains a relative mixture of ice, wood. However, personally, if there is any significant amount of stone, even with ice and wood present, the stone sling is my usual go-to sling for damage and scoring, because let’s face it, stone is naturally the strongest, and by far the most difficult to break.


    Thank you very much Bill (@dollarbill2208)! That is an excellent report! Very thorough! I really appreciate it.


    If you bought a specialty sling via money or coins it’s yours to keep. For those who don’t have them (Wishbone or Christmas Sling) you have to wait till they come out again.


    Thank you @hooksfan, I wonder if that goes for earning the new Gold League and Diamond League slingshots. Or do they go away if you drop down? Thanks again for the input!


    There is a way to find that out. Demote yourself by playing only 3 or 4 of the levels, so that you have a very low total score compared with everyone in the league. When you get back to gold league, see if you still have the diamond sling! ;)

    Sorry, I am not willing to sacrifice my league status for something like this. But if I had to guess, I’d say I think that once you have it, you keep it. The reason being, it is understandable that you might miss some weeks of playing, and I don’t see Rovio taking away a sling you earned just for that. You earn it, you keep it.


    HAHA, @dollarbill2208
    I understand that you could just lose your status on purpose. :-P

    You should keep it, because it is earned. I am in the Gold League right now. Haven’t earned my Diamond sling yet. B-)


    hey,can you give details on the wishbone sling?


    @technoguru The specs on the Wishbone Sling are identical to the Gold Sling.


    A few weeks ago, even before the new (gold/Diamond leage)slings existed, I was one week in the golden league and droppped back to silver, and still I got awarded with the Yellow/green bouncy swing, although playing in silver at that time.
    So I guess you keep the slings even after dropping to a lower league.


    Thank you @bigorange for your contribution to the topic. I appreciate it.


    Good information to have. I didn’t ask original question, but I get to benefit from it.

    Thanks to the both of you! :-)

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