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  • Angry Birds Go! is one of my favorite games, because it combines 2 out of many of my favorite things: Angry Birds & Racing. However, as time progressed, there came the day where Angry Birds was updated as version “2.0’, and the game was changed drastically. This had many fans complaining, especially when it comes to ALL of the content they used to have back from soft-launch all the way to version 1.13.9. And… to be honest… even though I still like the game, the gameplay is going well, and I’m unlocking karts easily via blueprints, I cannot help but feel like I miss the content that I have so badly. All the characters I’ve unlocked, the karts I got, the levels I’ve beaten, but worst of all, content that we will possibly NEVER see ever again. Here’s what I miss and wish for Rovio to bring back in Angry Birds Go!…


    1. Ayrton Senna Bird: In version 1.8.4 of Angry Birds Go!, we were given the ability to play Ayrton Senna Bird as tribute to the F1 Racing legend, Ayrton Senna. Winning 41 races unlocks Ayrton Senna bird with his helmet. After unlocking the helmet, players were given the ability to switch between Ayrton Senna in his helmet & him in his red racing uniform. For his ability, Ayrton Senna Bird has the same ability as Chuck, but has a slightly longer duration. The strange thing is that sometimes, 2 Ayrton Senna Bird could be in the same race because of the 2 designs for the character. As of version 2.0, Ayrton Senna Bird has been sadly removed from the character roster. Oh… how I wish he will return in a new update…

    2. Certain Telepod Karts: Prior to the 2.0 update, there used to be certain telepod karts in the game.
    There’s the Big Bang Special Edition, where it has slightly better stats that its standard counterpart & sports a black paint scheme. Sadly, that kart no longer exists in the game since 2.0, despite the TELEPOD toy still existing from the exclusive Toys R Us bundle. As Go! receives more updates, I wish we’ll get to use Big Bang Special Edition again… as an INDIVIDUAL SEPARATE kart.
    In terms of Chuck Ice & The Blue Cornet, as well as Mr Plow & Arctic Roller, those 2 sets of karts used to be 4 individual karts. Nowadays, The Blue Cornet would be upgraded from Chuck Ice, & Arctic Roller upgraded from Mr Plow. As Go! receives more updates, I hope we’ll get to use these 4 karts as INDIVIDUAL SEPARATE karts. After all, they all got TELEPOD figures (Chuck Ice & Mr plow found in single packs; The Blue Cornet & Arctic Roller found in an exclusive Series 2 Telepod bundle).

    3. The Seasonal Karts: Out of all the things that Go! 2.0 did, the removal of the 6 seasonal karts HAS TO BE THE WORST! I mean, we work so hard to unlock all six of those karts, and having them gone is how we get repaid?! In case you are wondering what the seasonal karts are, here’s what they are & I hope you’ll be able to bring them back…
    4. Santa’s Sleigh: A Sub Zero Kart updated in version 1.6.0 to celebrate Christmas of 2014. This was given to players as a free present to use in the Sub Zero Tracks. It also has the ability to play unique sounds. Jingly bells are heard when crashing & for the kart’s horn, Santa’s jolly laughter is heard when in the air, and carolers singing to “Jingle Bells” is heard when overtaking players.

    Image of Santa’s Sleigh: https://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/angrybirds/images/b/bb/KART81.png/revision/latest?cb=20160813153336


    Lucky Goat 888: A Rocky Road Kart update in version 1.6.3 to celebrate the Year of the Goat (Chinese New Year 2015). This was available to players for a cheap price of Bird Coins. It also has the ability to play unique sounds. A gong is heard when crashing & for the kart’s horn, Chinese string music along with a goat bleating is heard when in the air, and a different Chinese string music is heard when overtaking players.

    Image of Lucky Goat 888: http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/angrybirds/images/c/c4/KART34.png/revision/latest?cb=20160529221726


    Spooky Kart: A Seedway Kart update in version 1.10 to celebrate Halloween of 2015. It was unlocked by smashing 1000 Pumpkins in the Fruit Splat events. Unlike the other Seasonal Karts, this kart has no unique sounds.

    Image of Spooky Kart: http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/angrybirds/images/2/26/KART82.png/revision/latest?cb=20160813153346


    Turkey Kart: A Seedway Kart update in version 1.11.0 to celebrate Thanksgiving of 2015. Like with the Spooky Kart, the Turkey Kart was unlocked by smashing 1000 items in Fruit Splat Mode, only the items are Christmas Treats. For unique sounds, you can here the sounds of plates & dinner items clanking around, but I am not sure how they are heard.

    Image of Turkey Kart: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/6iKU3HAtCpg/maxresdefault.jpg


    Xmas Kart Mk. II: In version 1.11.0, this Sub Zero Kart, updated to celebrate Christmas of 2015, was available later on in the month of December and early January. It was unlocked by drifting 5000 meters total in races. It makes the same sounds as Santa’s Sleigh.

    Image of Xmas Kart Mk. II: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/gyRFW9-B1Kg/maxresdefault.jpg


    Monkey Kart: The last of the Seasonal Karts that was introduced in version 1.12.0 to celebrate the Spring Festival… or more accurately the Chinse New Year 2016 (the Year of the Monkey). It was unlocked by being in the air for 88 seconds total from jumping during races. For unique sounds, you can here the sounds of gongs for the horn, crashing, and overtaking, as well as Monkey chattering when in the air from jumping.

    Image of Monkey Kart: https://www.angrybirdsnest.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Angry-Birds-GO-Monkey-Kart-Chinese-New-Year-1920×1080.jpg


    4. The Story and Mechanic Pig: Back in the days, Angry Birds Go! used to have a story centering around the characters competing for a GIANT cake for 1st prize, and Mechanic Pig (voiced by Jean-Marie Viollet) would serve as the player’s guide. After Red accomplished his first race, his kart broke down. Luckily for him, Red was close by Mechanic who also wants a piece of the cake. Together, Red & Mechanic Pig set out on an adventure to win the cake, while recruiting other racers along the way. In the garage (which used to have an underground chamber), Mechanic Pig used to serve as the guide as the player changes karts or when the player taps on him. Mechanic Pig even has extra animations & sounds when the player taps on him a lot. But as updates progressed, the Story & Mechanic Pig have been removed. So sad…. I wish they come back.
    5. Offline Play: When the 1.13.8 update came, GO! has lost its capabilities to play offline, and that’s where I feel bad for owning this game. The game USED to be able to play offline, but now you need Internet Connections. If anything, I wish we could play the game offline once more. After all, Angry Birds Go! should be played “On the Go”! Get it?! Angry Birds Go! “On the Go”?! AAAAAAAAH, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA! AH, HA, HAAAA! Ooh, I crack myself up! XD
    6. Coin Doubler: I purchased the coin doubler for $6.99 before it was removed when Go! became 2.0. While I do have a plentiful amount of Coins, I still miss being able to double my coins after races.
    7. Obtainable Gems in Tracks: It’s true that as of right now, I’ve been getting a lot of gems after opening chests from Daily Races. However, I remember that we used to be able to collect gems from tracks, so I wish we can do it again in a newer update (as well as collecting Lucky Boxes again)
    8. If I recall correctly, I remember seeing a LEGO Car when competing in any event in the Rocky Road Chapter as shown below. However, it was never playable for unknown reasons.

    9. Lack of racers in events: Originally, you get to race against 7 CPU racers in Race events, but now it seems that you sometimes face against fewer racers in particular Race events. It would be nice if ALL Race events would feature 7 CPU opponents.
    10. Multiplayer: Specifically, the online multiplayer. Competing against online players, as well as racing in teams of 3, was nice, until it got removed. I understand it’s to use less memory for the app, but still, it was a nice feature.
    So those things above are what I wish for Angry Birds Go! to have back. In addition, I believe the game could use some improvements and fixing.


    Fix 1: One of the MOST IMPORTANT Fixes that Angry Birds Go! NEEDS is a fix with the issue of fading sound effects and voices during racers, specifically after launching from the slingshots. That problem has been around for FAR too long, & that issue HAS GOT TO GO. It needs to be fixed ASAP. Refer to the links below to hear what the characters sound like in Angry Birds Go.

    Angry Birds’ Go! sounds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xxq06i9-Eyc

    Bad Piggies’ Go! sounds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1u1Se5Vx1k


    Fix 2: Minion Pig’s sound WAY too much like Red the Red Bird. Didn’t they used to have their own sounds (refer to the link below)?


    Fix 3: In Go! 2.0, the Telepods do NOT function correctly. The apps need to be fix so that the Telepods teleport the karts correctly instead of Telepod events. For example, if one uses the Chuck Telepod, they should unlock the Mega Rocket. And if one uses Bomb’s Seedway Telepod, they should unlock the Big Bang & the Big Bang Special Edition.


    Improvement 1: The karts can sometimes be difficult to control. Sometimes when you want to steer, you slip & slide so much that you bump & crash very often.


    Improvement 2: In Air Tracks, I believe Air Karts should have the ability to be able to have control with ascending & descending, especially since you can miss SO many fruits in the Air Tracks’ Fruit Splat Events.


    Improvement 3: Add a “Free Play” Mode for players to compete in any event, any track, and have manageable difficulty. Below can be the selectable events.

    Race: Race against 7 CPU players in this event. Routes (1 route, more than 1 route, or all routes) & coin locations are selected at random.


    Time Boom: Avoid blocks as you race to the finish before the timer blows up.


    Fruit Splat / Ice Splat (Sub Zero): Smash the amount of fruit before reaching the finish line. Beware that some events will have CPU racers to hinder your progress.


    Slalom Events: Exclusive to Sub Zero, removed since 2.0 update. Reach to the finish line before the timer explodes, but make sure to pass the gates if you don’t want to lose time AND have TNT boxes pop in front of you.


    Versus: Race against a random opponent & kart. The harder the difficulty, the more Bird Coins you’ll earn.

    Versus Music 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxOqkYj8UT0

    Verus Music 2 (Hint!: It’s the music used for the Sub Zero Trailer)


    Champion Chase: Same as Versus, but the opponent you’ll race against will try to use extra methods. For example, if you’re racing against Stella, she’ll blow bubbles at you. And if you’re racing Chuck, he’ll level behind flaming wheels.


    Improvement 4: If any, I wish event could be easier to earn 3 stars on. Why… in Daily races, it’s tricky to get 3 stars in a Sub Zero, Stunt, or Rocky Road Event. It’s also tricky to get 3 stars in Air events in the track “Balloon Frenzy”. And even though I use a maxed out Trash Thrasher, I can’t seem to earn 3 Stars in Chuck or Corporal Pig’s Boss events.


    Improvement 5: I wish Minion Pig could be playable. He even has his own kart (Sty GT).


    Improvement 6: With 2.0 of Go!, this game lacks power ups, except for the King Sling. Hopefully, the power ups will be manually useable again. Here’s what they are.

    King Sling: Launches karts faster with further distance.


    Kart Repair: Keeps kart in top condition. Formerly sponsored by State Farm.


    Leaf Blower: Provides kart with faster speed. Formerly sponsored by Goldfish as the Goldfish Boost.


    Turbo Kart: Transforms your kart into the Turbo Kart. Form varies based on what track you’re in (Seedway, Rocky Road, Air, Stunt, & Sub Zero. Formerly sponsored by Target as the Target Kart.

    Image of Turbo Kart: https://cdnb.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/003/464/021/large/paul-banister-abgo-targetkart-portfolio-001.jpg?1473954011


    Improvement 7: I miss how characters are selected from the tall tree, as well as greeting you when selecting them, feeling tired when low on energy, sleeping when having no energy, & more. It would be nice if this is brought back.


    So there you have it, that’s all the things I miss in Angry Birds Go. So what do you think? Should Rovio be acknowledge that Go! was better before 2.0 and should be back to the way it was as its Golden Days? Please let me know! :D

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  • Antonio231102

    @furyslinger200 I also miss the old (and good) days of Angry Birds Go!, I was really upset when v2.0 was released, but I discovered that you can still play in certain old versions of the game, with al the online features; Rovio Account, Facebook, achievements and even online multiplayer; you can also get back all your progress made before v2.0 without loosing your current one.

    I made a post about that, read it here.


    I remember when Senna bird was the only racer you were against in online multi player… LOL


    Oh, It’s easy to go back to the old days with all those features that you wanted! If you are on Android, Lucky you! Download version 1.8.7 on this link: https://angry-birds-go.en.uptodown.com/android/old It’s real! It’s working for me and I got everything back including the old assets and Senna Bird!


    Sorry, I am an iOS device user…

    i never thought i would miss a damn tree but here we are

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