Why do you think Epic is loosing players?

  • I was an old player who stopped playing 1.5 years ago, came back to check how the game is doing and I find that there are lot of issues and less players playing now.

    According to the nest community what are the top 3 reasons for players quitting?

    What are the top 3 changes or new additions which you think would help the game?

    Please feel free to add more reasons.

    Thank you.

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  • This is SG

    I have the “3 reasons” for it.

    1. Most people would have probably completed the story (including the ‘endless’ dungeon).
    2. Most people would also have collected and maxed all gear.
    3. There’s not much replayability after you did all stuff. There will be events cycling every time, but you’ll be playing the same events every year with the same rewards.

    Thank you for sharing your opinion Sahil.


    I agree with Sahil.  I have been playing for a few years. I have maxed out my birds and I am getting tired of the same events and having no real changes to the game.  I like the game in theory, but I would like to see something new in Epic.


    Thank you @ddiequez for your valuable comments. Is it the lack of new content or bugs/issues which is making players leave?


    I have been fortunate to have had very few problems with bugs.  My issue is the lack of new content and I think the combination is making people leave.  I’m still here because the game is still functional.  If I experienced the bugs that I read about, I would have quit some time age.


    I’m playing this game for a few years as well and except two additional caves when the max level is increased and not very useful new headgears, there were no new real content since a lot of months. Will we see the level 100 ? :-)

    I tried several others games as f2p and I switched to Hyper Heroes.


    You Gotta be Joshing me

    I agree with @sahil-gagrai. ABE is such an underrated RPG and I would like to see something new before Rovio decides it’s time for it to kick the bucket.

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