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  • My flock power has strengthened from 170 to 469 since last winter. Why are my Eagle Training scores still in the same range as they were when FP was 170? Shouldn’t I be seeing higher scores based in the FP increase?

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  • Dezsike

    Because levels get harder and you need more birds to clear a room. My fp is 577 and I can score 60M+ but this rarely happens. My average is around 40M. I remember some old levels where you could strike every room, now it’s barely possible.


    Keep in mind that other players have advanced as far as you in that time. It is easy to go from zero to 500 flock power in six months now. You got stronger, but your competition did too.

    Also, you might have to play more than once a day to see a big jump in scores. Everyone in my clan does this. Some of us spend a lot of gems every day to reach a target score. The practice helps, but you also increase your chances of getting a lucky run. Sometimes the game helps you, sometimes it holds you back.


    From my point of view i have to fight for every FP. Increased slingshot gave only 7 more FP points (Lvl 14 to 15) that felt like a waist of energy collecting those black pearls. also upgrading the hatchling from lvl-2 to a lvl-3 gave only 3 points more in FP. Talk about waist of apple

    I wonder if cardlevel gives more score then an Increased slingshot.

    Anyhow.. Im around 20 millions or so each round but i have a hard time understanding how these guys can reach 110+ millions each round


    “Anyhow.. Im around 20 millions or so each round but i have a hard time understanding how these guys can reach 110+ millions each round”

    Agreed. I guess if your bird is able to destroy everything, it refills your meter faster and you get more extra birds and spells that allow you to get to more levels. Anyway, the highest score I got was around 45 million and everything went perfectly. I’m noticing that there are more individual pigs higher up all alone so it makes it difficult to destroy multiple things at once. :(


    I’m in the same boat you are. My current FP 519 and I think I played almost every ET last season and it was just because they rounded my total score up, I earned 1000 pts. The entire season I seemed to get 19 pts almost every day, some days my score was high and some days not so much but it was almost always 19. When I started my goal was to score at least 20m daily and only been playing about 5 months. This season I’m off to a better start yet I don’t know what happened. I know it’s been just a few days since new season began, but getting 22 or 24 pts, heck I can’t even figure this one out but first round I got 32 pts. Maybe because everyone start from the same place of 0 at the start of a season so not everyone had started to play yet? That only means it’s will surely be all down hill for me from here on out no doubt. Also, I too can’t comprehend the crazy high scores these players can post, especially when we all start out with the same amount of birds, amazing. I only noticed the higher my FP gets, the slower the destruction meter seems to fill up, that I find unfair the most. I can’t control nor would I probably ever notice cheaters that others complain about, but I do notice that meter should fill up when I see stuff being destroyed but it’s not, but we have no control over that either right. My goal this season is to simply try to average 30m daily, getting in the top 5000 is unataianable for me at least, I could only dream to one day actually be able to score like the top players routinely do.


    I’m sure your scores will improve as you play more and improve your skills. I just play once a day unless I feel like everything went wrong and I have a terrible score. My flockpower is 625 and I usually get at least 32 or 34 points, sometimes 60 or 70. I occasionally have a score in the top 2000. If you want to see how some people get higher scores, look for YouTube videos.



    It’s interesting because my FP is 535 and I usually score about 30-34 points per day. Of course sometimes I earn much more like about 60 points. Difference between ours FP is quite big, but difference between ours points…meh.


    I’ve been doing ET since it started, sometimes playing seriously, other times just firing away without paying much attention. Never once spending gems to try again. And somehow at the end of each season my total reward is exactly the same, every time, even though my FP has increased quite a bit during all that time.


    I think it’s because everyone’s flockpower is increasing. I am averaging a slightly higher amount of points than I did last winter, back when my FP was in the 400’s, but not much. I used to reach the emerald 1 frame for 1500 coins, and now I’m reaching the Emerald 2 for 1750.


    Reading these makes me think I’m not terribly awful slinger, after all. It’s been disappointing to see top players raking huge stashes of ME coins while getting just handful of them. This season started so well that I believe I may see little progress for my scores!

    BTW, is there a list of scores to achieve for different frames?



    Is this what you wanted rawdata?

    Yes I’m in the same boat, always hovering around 1-2k position. I guess I must be increasing my flock power at an average rate, keep hoping to break the top 1000.


    I broke the top 1000 a few times last spring and summer, but not in the last two bootcamps, even though my FP has increased! But, I got more coins so I guess my overall average improved.


    @ryan-kochie, by the part of answer I can see from your reply, I think it’s just what I’m looking for. I can’t see the rest of the answer, but at least I know it’s out there. Maybe some day it finds its way to safe(er) places.


    The reason I can’t see the source is because my computer blocks all access to crapbook. I consider it as “virus in form of web site”, snooping and exposing information that it supposedly should not even have access.


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