Who do you think the worst character is in Angry Birds Transformers?

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  • Personally, I’d say Grapple. What do you guys think?

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  • deindiaan

    Skywarp, windblade and crapple are the worst in my opinion.


    Skywarp and windblade are GOOD characters . Grapple and strongarm are bad though. Also , i feel the energon characters are unnecessary.


    Heatwave, Skywarp, Windblade etc. are good for missions. My suggestion is Cosmos – he is so far in the list that he is no good even for missions.


    If I had to pick one, it would be crapple… I mean… grapple.

    @grimlockdown I’d personally have to disagree on Cosmos. His anti-gravity gun is useful for shooting blocks (and pigs) out of existence, similar to every other character with a 0 gravity gun.

    I think the worst characters are Moonracer and Firestar. As much I hate to disappoint you, Powerglide and Inferno, their weapons in this game are nowhere as good as they were in the show. You can’t even shoot down MISSILES with their weapons!

    (off-screen chat from Powerglide)

    What’s that? You’re OK with it?

    (off-screen chat from Inferno)

    Alright. Sorry if I got you two involved in this.

    Also, I called Novastar “Firestar” because that’s the name she was given in the show and I feel like that is her official name.


    @halfan88. Energon characters are useful in the event and spark runs.  Shooting Energon structures adds to health.  Saves using gems to recharge them.


    I would like to be able to remove Characters that do not live up to my expectations.

    Expectations usually are that when I wish that character to destroy something it should do so without hesitation and not run down the paddock awaiting the power to build up while some pig shoots back and knocks it out.


    I accidentally promoted Krup which means I’ve been using it for this event. Highlights include:

    • Wasting gems to upgrade the damage on pistol and rifle, only to find that Krups weapon does not do any damage, it just moves things around the screen.
    • Apropos the above point- it’s impossible to destroy Boss Pig or his missiles- the best you can do is teleport them off screen (but they do reappear).
    • Extra long weapon cool-down time- I’m guessing it’s about 10 seconds between reloads. Upgrading for faster reloads doesn’t appear to do anything.
    • Annoying habit of locking on to objects behind indestructible objects, and then emptying the clip trying to shoot it. Cue 10 second cool-down time.
    • Add to all this that Glassor has been nerfed- it now take 3 hits to destroy stone. And it’s inability to target enemies when they are literally the only thing on screen.
    Jay Kew

    Is this a new low?  I just spent 8,000 tokens upgrading Alpha Trion, as my promoted bot from the VIP group, from Level 15 to Level 16 in order to obtain a measly 1% Overpower – hoping that future levels might be somewhat more substantial.

    Only to find that should I slave for another entire week’s challenge next time he is offered, I can spend 9,000 tokens to upgrade to Level 17 in order to receive a 2% REDUCTION!!! (i.e. -2%) Maybe a Level 25 Alpha Trion (with potential ongoing negative improvements) could be the worst character in the game?

    Alpha Trion L17 Overpower


    @jaykew, That is awesome,  and exactly the sort of thing I have come to expect from this game!

    @andrewinireland Excuse me, but the character’s name is spelled “Kup”, not “Krup”.

    You might be right. This is why I didn’t buy the Alpha Trion bundle and am waiting for a Cyclonus bundle.


    Now I suppose that you just have to hope that you *don’t* get an overpower from a gold crate 🤣


    Nope “Krup” definitely fits…


    There, @nemesis-hot-rod, fixed it for you 😉



    I was just thinking- maybe it’s a sly nod to “2 Girls, 1 Kup”…


    Character who aren’t here


    Red alert



    Classic bumblebee
    season 2 war characters


    major prowl

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