Which panel increaser would you use in Blues Arena?

  • I have 3* Fragrant Stardust for 213 HP or 4* Poker Cards for 167 Attack.

    I have a variety of weapons & unless or until I develop a Win streak, I’ll be using my 5* MeMe Stick with 428 Attack. For my hat, I’ll be using a 3* Russian Hat with 286 Defense.

    I’ll add this, while I’ve been playing since the Worldwide Release (probably too much ?,) I’m only an average, maybe not even average skilled player with all Birds lvl 47.

    Off topic … after how many Win Streak would you switch to an Attack/Defense/Life “Progressively Boosted” Streak piece of equipment? I’ve read some suggestions that until you have at least a 10-Win Streak the “Progressively Boosted” items aren’t effective, but I honestly don’t know how to make that determination.

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  • Mechanic Pig

    I have 3 Star Cupid pig figurine, 3 star Archer’s hat, 3 star Cherry stick on level 25 blues but I don’t have the event on yet.


    @christian-cosgrove, don’t worry, the next Event (Arena) hasn’t started yet. I expect or believe it starts 4:00am (or 5:00am) EST here in the USA.

    I’m hoping for some input from better players as to which of my panel increasers I should use since I have 2 to chose from. I have a variety of weapons, defense & life items to chose from, but for me & the way I play I do best in Arenas when using the panel items for my the Bird, so for my Arenas I use:

    Attack-boost increased when “Bird” panels are matched, Defense-boost increased when “Bird” panels are matched & increases the “Bird” appearance rate.

    Good luck with this Event ?

    Mechanic Pig

    @justpast40 The event starts at 4pm here in New Zealand tomorrow.

    Anyways, it’s very close between Blues vs Bomb for the strongest bird but Bomb wins 300 by damage, 80 by health and loses by 4 for defence.

    Archer’s hat on Blues compared to Pirate hat on Bomb is stronger ?


    Tu estos gringos… Cuando pregunte eso ni me respondieron… Noobs.


    on my oppinion, you should use the poker card if you are the match-3 master, if you match fast, you could have really nice attack points, if you match slow, using the poker card to add more attack is not really useful, if you have some attack booster for blues (like club stick), using poker card will help you to get super huge attack. so using stardust fragment to add more life to be safe if u match slow becuz blues’ heart is low. I prefer poker card, I love to add bird attack. life is limited but att is not limit, just keeep matching and get huge att by poker card

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