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    Which one of the ‘Instruments of Destruction’ should I promote?

    Soundwave, Soundblaster or Blaster?

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  • Mechanic Pig

    Blaster and it’s not even close, even though the other 2 are actually pretty good.


    +1 vote for Blaster



    I’m gonna piggy back on this thread. For the new Energon event I want to get Energon Shockwave. Should I bother promoting Energon Nautica or Windblade or should I just stick with Grimlock?


    Mechanic Pig

    @fumuthabeotch Stick with Energon Grimlock.


    I agree with the earlier posters – Blaster, and by a mile. Soundwave is actually one of my favorite bots, but Blaster is basically just as powerful and fires *significantly* more often. Boosted properly, he might be the most powerful bot in the game (even ahead of Dead End), and can take out Unicron without breaking a sweat.

    @fumuthabeotc, Energon Grimlock is still in the upper echelon of bots (except arguably on the spark run), so I’d stick with him.

    For what it’s worth, my purple crowns are Blaster, Soundwave, EG, and Dead End, with Ultimate Megatron as a gold crown (I stopped promoting when they nerfed him). I’m looking to promote another myself though (I’ve got the sparks) – I’m thinking Energon Starscream, Ratchet, or maybe Energon Lockdown. Anyone have an opinion?


    Thanks guys, Blaster it is then!

    My strategy is to try to promote one character from each group.  It is slow going but it helps with event promotion bonuses.

    My purple crowns which I use for the Sparkrun are:

    Dead End

    Ultimate Megatron (although he was nerfed and is slow, he is very good against lethal flying pigs)

    Energon Starscream &

    Energon Grimlock

    The last two are also very useful in events.

    My Ratchet is now purple as well although I don’t use him in Sparkruns.

    Next on my list are Lockdown, Blaster (thanks to you guys) and Energon Nautica (for the current event).



Home Forums Angry Birds Transformers Forum Which do I promote?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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