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  • Does anyone prefer one bird over the other? Personally, I use them all equally except for my Red, who is relatively weak (only one SS item).

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  • TomT

    I’d choose Red.


    I choose Red, because he has good skills + good sabotage + 2 SS items (one with 4 stars) and 1 S makes him very strong. If I could get better items for Bomb he could be equal with Red, already he is just my no.2.


    depends on the items, the bird with the best items I have is matilda with 2 SS and 1 S

    Netto JM

    @mp127 Red don’t have a good sabotage, really, I can get rid of Red’s sabotage in a blink, but Matilda, Chuck and Blues is another story, if you get a lot of sabotage from one of these, you are done, but Red, I can get a lot sabotage and that’s not a big problem, I can get rid of these box a lot of times without even losing my combo.


    @netto-jm Agreed completely. Red has the worst sabotage imo. Some people find bomb’s too hard if they can’t match without color. Chuck and Matilda can simply stop your game and you can’t do anything about it. Blues is by far the most annoying with that paint…


    @netto-jm @llrr Red has good sabotage imo, because needs removing by player, which deconcetrace after 2-3 attacks. Chuck, Matilda, Bomb have temporary sabotages, and they’re avoidable. But Blues… Yes, more annoying. I forgot them, but they’re good birds (no.3 in my rank)


    @mp127 I’m not really bothered by Red’s sabotage unless there are 2-3 in a row because i can keep making matches while removing the boxes. I’m more annoyed by Matlida and Chuck because even though they are temporary, they can still disrupt my matchmaking chain.


    My previous powerhouse was Bomb, but now that I got an SS item and an S item for Blues, it’s probably going to change soon.

    My worst sabotage against me is probably Matilda or Chuck, too. You are usually crippled if it lands in the middle of the screen.


    i am doing good with bomb. After bomb its hard to choice,

    chuck sabotage is great.

    But at the end its about items. Use which char have good item


    Red = High Att, Low Def, High HP
    Yellow = Very High Att, Very Low Def, Low HP
    Blue = High Att, High Def, Low HP
    Black = High Att, Low Def, High HP
    White = Very Low Att, Very Low Def, Very High HP
    Pink = Low Att, High Def, Very low HP (Low stat progression but levels up faster than other birds)

    As Captain = Yellow > Blue > Black > Red

    As Birdfight = Yellow > Black = Blue = Red > White > Pink.

    Yellow is best because he got the best stat allokation together with the second best special/sabotage.

    The bird you have the best gear for will usally be your best bird however.


    My best bird is bomb i have 3 ss items:)
    Best attack over 1600 defense over 1300 on small lvl

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