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  • Hi there,

    Assuming you don’t spend any real money for gold coins and the only source of gold coins are from the daily golden pigs and Facebook login. Where do you think I should prioritize my spending of gold coins in its order? (Please state your level so that I know whether your advice makes better sense :))

    1) Golden Cauldron (125 coins)
    2) Golden Anvil (125 coins)
    3) Golden Chili (125 coins)
    4) Paladin (65 lucky coins)
    5) Thunderbird (275 lucky coins)
    6) Bard (95 lucky coins)
    7) Sea Dog (275 lucky coins)
    8) Skulkers (150 lucky coins)
    9) Friendship gate
    10) Pig roll (3 coins)
    11) Legendary pig roll (20 coins)

    I have only 187 lucky coins now at level 15.. Been playing for 2 weeks now but there has been no sales for the first 3 items, and accidentally hit the pig roll while trying to take free pig roll after watching video due to some bugs.

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  • Sir Falcon

    Spend on Paladin and Bard.

    heaven kid

    followed by skulker


    Paladin, Bard and Sea Dog. These hats are really helpful, except for levels with ninjas or Porky.


    #1 Bard, #1a Paladin. If you don’t have 5 friends, then I guess the gates (though I’m sure this thread can help with that). The rest of the premium classes, IMO, are not worth it unless you want to have them just to have them. Everything else on your list is really just for convenience. You WILL need to roll on your friends’ pig machines to get better weapons for the later caves, but you should try to max out at level 25 before you fill up the rainbow bar, since the weapon quality you get is tied to your level when you roll, and doesn’t scale up with you.

    P.S., I’m at level 25.


    Paladin and Bard are by far the most helpful for the majority of the levels currently. The other three hats are pretty debatable so you should save money for other things that may come in the future.

    If you really want to spend on a third item, the Golden Chili will help speed up a lot of battles, especially towards a high HP single enemy where you can do a lot of damage on the first turn.

    Definitely avoid the Pig Rolls because items you win from it will stay fixed in their stats based on the level you won them at, so if you win an item at Level 8, it’ll be far too weak when you’re at Level 20. You also get a free roll at one of your friend’s nests daily, so that’s the most efficient but long-term approach.

    Also totally not worth it to spend coins on opening the Friendship Gates because those have the option of being completely free via FB and perhaps in the future Game Center friends.

    Golden Piggie

    #1 paladin
    #2 chili
    #3 bard/skulkers (my choice is skulkers, unless if you have nightmare set) Also for me is only get one of these, not both
    #4 cauldron
    #5 other class from #3
    #6 friendship gates (if no fb friends)
    #7 if has coins then diamond cauldron, otherwise other classes.
    #8 leftover classes from #7 / diamond cauldron
    -every once a while use a 3lc roll/ 5lc roll (for banner) preferably during rainbow riot
    -don’t bother with the anvil, once you get to high level (18+) all your items come from gpm
    -unless top levels (40-45) don’t spam the gp rolls, waste of lc
    -i personally like marksman, so you can get the friendship gate instead of skulkers
    -unless desperate don’t spend on me’s dojo (i personally like the 75 one in case you had extra to burn
    -also unless you have lc to burn dont do the 20 lc roll (now 15 for 6 / 25 for 6 arena)
    ps im level 19 almost 20


    1. You just necroed an old thread. It was made a year ago.
    I would get the Paladin first, then golden rage chili.
    Then, I would get classes or friendship gate.
    I wouldn’t recommend spending for the golden anvil because in the caves its almost useless.
    However, golden cauldron might be useful for some.
    Never for mastery. snoutlings can be used.


    – Golden Chili (125)
    – Paladin (65)
    – Sea Dog (275)

    – Bard (95)
    – Skulkers (150)
    – Rainbow Riot (3+/spin, if lv.45+)

    – Thunderbird (275)
    – Friendship gate

    – Golden Cauldron (125)
    – Golden Anvil (125)
    – Golden Pig (3+/spin)
    – Dojo Mastery (15/75)


    anvil & cauldron r useless. i only bought classes & golden chili


    Despite being an old necro thread, i’d like to put in my few cents’ worth.

    Never get the golden anvil, you get this advice from most players.

    Also, never get the cauldron upgrades, it just isnt worth it, even during the discount, reason being is that you can easily farm cash at SRC at ¬117snouts per run, and after a while you can stock up on potions, rendering the cauldron very useless.

    The chili is definitely worth it before everything else then paladin, bard, skulkers, sea doge. The last two are generally not extremely useful so they can be held off until you get the friendship gates opened.

    Golden Piggie

    Yes @fluffyjesus you changed my mind. totally golden cauldron isn’t worth it.


    @fluffyjesus If Friendship Gates are in this LC list, we have to talk about Marksmen, another Blues’ class. This class is a bit similiar to Skulkers, but a bit weaker. Can someone explain which is worth the price, Marksmen or Skulkers?


    @kenhsieh I actually use Skulkers a lot more than Marksmen. Pretty much because Skulkers has several uses. When paired with Druid you can poison everything. I also use Skulkers in some heavy hitting bird teams of mine because of their decent damage and their ability to make everything else take more damage. Because of all these uses and more that I didn’t name is the reason Skulkers is my 2nd favorite LC class (Because really who doesn’t like Paladin? :D).


    I say the 25 LC to get marksmen is a bargain.

    I have used both Skulkers and Marksmen, but have probably used marksmen more. Marksmen’s volley attack is very effective against ninja opponents when combined with multiple attack classes and weapon sets that cause chain attack.

    As for spending LCs.

    Number one is Paladin, then Golden Chilli. I put Bard above the other LC classes, but that is mainly because I used Bard throughout the chronical caves. If you don’t have Facebook friends, then the other LC classes are not that useful for the caves.

    Skulkers and Sea Dog can be useful in the events and for the arena. Thunderbird is only required to complete the set.

    If you want to use SRC for LCs to buy potions and chilli cakes, then fine. I had more fun and varied my game by gathering ingredients and making potions and chilli cakes. So I picked up the golden cauldron and did not regret that.


    Personally i like using the marksmen class a lot. The 25LC to get through the gate is worth it since personally, i have not added a single person to FB to play through the game (i do have all 966 stars, it was not difficult)

    Marksmen works amazingly with multihit attacks such as samurai and canoneer, and is amazing on ninjas. Right now i am farming LRC with samurai, canoneer and marksmen and it is among one of the quicker teams to autoplay though, even without having a chuck on the team for SOL rage

    Golden Piggie

    how much is marksman (not counting the 25 lcs)


    Marksman is 500 snoutlings I think.


    Thunderbird isn’t as worthless as you think. Its Rage Of Thunder is very powerful against Chuck, Spies, or multiply-attackers in Arena( Mage is not enough to complete some of the objectives). Now I need time to think which class should I spend LCs on, Sea Dog or Thunderbird.( Sea Dog is quite powerful, but it doesn’t fit what I need.)


    Geez, I was beaten miserably beaten twice by teams with Thunderbird today. Totally hate this guy.

    Golden Piggie

    i think u should do c-dog because of the counter. c-dog, marksmen, and rouges work well.

    for thunderbird, the armor break isn’t so good, i think its better off using mage.

    also what mastery rank are your birds? if not too high (6+) then maybe they can catch up


    Thunderbird is a defensive play, and I prefer offense.


    @goldenpig All of my classes are at least rank 7 (even Stone Guard). So they’ll take me months to catch up. Maybe some of them will reach rank 10 before I get the last one.

    Golden Piggie

    for me at least, i wont even buy another class because its not worth it @kenhsieh

    Golden Piggie

    Where do you get thunderbird?? please reply fast because i just got 25 lc’s


    Get another 250, and you should be able to buy him in the shop.

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