When did Terence become such a wimp?

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  • Maybe it’s my increasingly unreliable boomer memory, but this bird has lost a few feathers. I mean, he really could only do one thing but that one thing was the ability to crush everything in his path and plow through multiple structures.

    Lately it seems he just bounces off half the time or is stopped in his tracks by objects he used to obliterate. Sometimes seems less of a brick, more of a balloon.

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    Lost a few feathers? You’re putting it awfully nice. He is practically naked at some times. He can be stopped cold in mid flight just by tiny falling ice shard or wood piece… not to mention micro balloon!



    It is not just Terence. I have noticed that all birds lose the amount of their ability depending on what or where we are playing. Chapters versus Arena versus daily challenges, and especially in the mighty eagle training area.

    I have seen Terence go through gray blocks but be completely stopped by a damned balloon. And little red will topple a tower in chapter play, but won’t topple the same tower in daily challenge or clan play.

    I hate to sound paranoid, but IMO, rovio messes with the birds abilities just to mess with it’s users.



    Bomb that explodes and does no destruction at all sometimes.

    The doozy is when the micro pig merges into the bird and you are left with a weird hybrid.


    @garethw, yes, I have taken screenshots of this, but I think I deleted them.

    I always thought the pig popped automatically if a bird touched it while it was rolling on the floor, but nope. Like you said, they roll together in a weird looking bird/pig overlap. So annoying.

    Also, Matilda and silver’s powers don’t activate all the time for me. And I know there isn’t a balloon or falling debris because I wait forever and check for any balloons. I don’t remember this happening so often before this last update.


    , Are you talking about this phenomenon? Terence was superimposed over the pig.

    Btw, Nowadays Terence can be stopped by a single piece of hollow wood block that contains a micropig inside, even blues can sometimes penetrate that block!


    Players: There are so many bugs that needs fixing, starting with this collision detection problem…

    Rovio: So… you want more expensive hat sets or hat events?


    Sad thing is, this not sarcasm. It’s realism.



    I experience the same, Big red bounce OFF, bomb, dont do any damage, silver ditto! I have gone Down 20 millions in score. But its seems, at a certains time, and its in battel arena, clan fight!

    Angry Turd

    I believe it is more along the lines of adapting to how the environment affects Terence and then leveraging that into your gameplay. Terence has never stopped me or any of the hitters who play alongside me from achieving satisfactory scores. I have not found Terence to perform any different than what I had projected before being thrown.


    @angryturd as one would expect if you spunk the amount of dosh you do on the game.

    Meanwhile back on Planet Earth ……


    Yes, @angrybirdspoop, that’s what I was talking about and it happened again today in the new hat event. The pig and red actually overlapped each other and the pig kept rolling to the right, thankfully, to its demise. :)


    The angry birds dream blast from rovio will definitely beat out the all of the previously createn records

Home Forums Angry Birds 2 Forum When did Terence become such a wimp?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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