Wheeljack Accessory or Spark Conduit?

  • Hello fellow players! Need your thoughts.

    After finally unlocking Wheeljack, I have 1200 tokens leftover. Should I use it to buy an accessory for Wheeljack or use it to buy the spark conduit? (and assume that there will be a competition later on wheee I can get Wheeljack’s accessories.)


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  • coolbug

    I think you should buy the spark conduit so you can prepare for future events.


    I’d go for the accessory. Sparks are pretty useful, but you can do just fine without them.


    Lol. And of course the first two comments would contradict each other.

    Thanks for the help, coolbug and Partshade!


    @kingkosar your welcome! :)


    Ok, I’ll break the tie. Go for sparks to prep for the next comp. Wheeljack does pretty well on his own.


    Thanks, @millforce2k!

    I assume from your name that you’re a fan of Cedar Point? ??


    Sparks would be more important at the moment with the fierce competition on the leaderboard, inadvertently allowing you to place higher and win more tokens for say, that Wheeljack accessory you wanted! It sounds sketchy, but trust me- it’ll all work out in the end! :)


    @kingkosar Yup, though it’s been a couple years since I’ve been there. ??


    Sparks are a means to earn accessories, so why in the world would you pass up the actual prize for the means to the prize?


    I’d get the sparks. They will make future events easier (including the one when they release the new Blues character). The accessories will be available again someday. The sparks technically won’t be since there are new ones available in each event. And unless you plan to use Wheeljack in events than he is good enough that you don’t need the accessory right now.


    What if the event accessories are only available for a limited-time, maybe once per year generally speaking?


    @rowdypup We have had these event exclusive accessories in the past and without sparks as well and we were just fine. We can manage easily without these things in the long run as sooner or later those accessories will be offered again someday. We have events non-stop in Transformers so Sparks is not that big of a deal.


    Food for thought. I started with 30% bonus and progressed up to 45% on day one. Day two was all 45%, day three was 50%, and day four on was 55%. I used Soundwave and EGrimlock exclusively. Here are my run averages, excluding Unicron and Boss Pig runs.

    Candy Canes
    Day 1 (4 runs @ 30%, 3 runs @ 40%, 27 runs @ 45%)
    Average – 905
    Day 9 (22 runs @55%)
    Average – 1086

    Xmas Trees
    Day 2 (27 runs @ 45%)
    Average – 799
    Day 11 (23 runs @ 55%)
    Average – 883

    Red Presents
    Day 3 (30 runs @ 45%)
    Average – 834
    Day 12 (25 runs @ 55%)
    Average – 845


    You can only use the accessory when you play the character. Accessories can also be purchased with gems if you don’t have enough tokens, and it’s at a 50% discount compared to buying the accessory directly with gems outside the tournament.

    Sparks can upgrade your tournament bonus percentage which you will use many times nearly every day. Also, you can’t buy sparks with gems outside the tournament.

    Buy the sparks and if you really want the accessories, spend some gems.


    My personal criterion is, if the character needs a certain accessory to perform better, then aim to get that accessory as soon as you can especially if the competition has a long way to go before it ends.

    After all, you may only get to use that character once a year :O that’s when the multiplier kicks in and turbo charges your scores :o So choose that character carefully, my friends.

    However in my own experience at Happy Holidays, there will be a *maximum base score* that you can reach, then it’s up to the Sparks to help you multiply your character’s scores.

    At Happy Holidays, just for the fun of it, I have Sparked two squad characters Acid Storm and SunStorm multiplied 3x making a total of +180% score bonus. But that resulted in shorter runs with less juicy targets.
    Guessing that’ll be the “balancing” happening when the ABT game feels there’s an unfair advantage happening. :(

    Moving forward, I’m not going to over-Spark any character once I feel the “balancing” kicking in.

    Best of luck y’all :)

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