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  • pppuffs

    Suggestion: don’t try to promote many to the same level-pick one and then go for gold to purple. Then pick next one and do it again. Also the same with upgrades. Pay attention to level 15 players in the forums and follow the leads.


    Go with E Grimlock. Upgrade him to level 15.


    Too many lost sparks.

    Listen to @asen and focus on Energon Grimlock for now.

    You need two bots to play some events, so choose a second and promote him after the first one reach at least gold crown.

    I advise you to choose a bot that is able to destroy blocks easily, so you can pair up those two when he event allow you to choose a second bot.

    Since you don’t have event bots yet, the second bot could be Soundwave or Ultimate Megatron, that can be acquired through the map. The first is good without accessories, and the second requires the Armada and Flail accesories to bost the radius and gives corrosive damage. UM is also very good against flying pigs in the late stages of the Spark Run, so I recommend to get him.



    Luis C.

    Pick only one bot from that particular team and promote him/her to gold/purple crown, in all teams there is always a stronger bot that would suit your particular game style. Also, I have at least 3 particular bots that are Jack-of-all-trades promoted to the max, these three bots are good (not best) against all kind of targets and they will help you during events to which you dont have any of the featured bots.

    ie. I dont have any of the current event bots (Rechargeables) but I use one of my all-arounders when it comes to destroying blocks, pigs, gold blocks and structures… WMT day? E. Starscream is cannon fodder to for them so out comes Dead End… for those hard to reach places: Ratchet until I recently got Hound (gotta love the extra fire power).

    Based on your current available bots I would upgrade :

    E. Grimlock (he was my first favorite and still is for some events)…

    Airacnid (with the acid rounds and Insecticon accesories can take out a WMT in 4 shots at a Lvls 13)

    E.Starscream (with explosive rounds and damage accesories)


Home Forums Angry Birds Transformers Forum What's your team?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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