What's your Star Cup bird levels?

  • I got this 17 level each score using an infinity feathers glitch. You can keep getting Daily feathers by this. You probably know what to do for this topic, so this is how you get up to my level:


    1. Claim Daily feathers.


    2. Exit Star Cup.


    3. Enter Star Cup.


    4. Claim next daily feathers.


    5. Repeat.No cheats 17 each bird score

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  • datguygamer

    And now it will be patched as Rovio will know about this. Thanks for sharing.


    i was kicked out of the latest tournament and I don’t know why.  I was playing I think the fourth game and suddenly I’m seeing what looked to be a a big white bird in the middle of the screen in a practice area.  I shut down and when I checked later it was still there.  No matter what I did it didn’t go away.  I then got a little weird and deleted the app.  The dumbest thing to do all my games and level gone like that.  Of course I can’t get anything back.  Does anyone have an idea what happened?  For a second I thought I was being hacked, stupid I know I had 20,000 coins left to play, that’s gone too.  How do I get a hold of Rovio. I haven’t had much luck.

    I an on level 12  on a fair way with no glitches etc. Not extra feathers with watching reclames.

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