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  • epicMarksmen

    There is no answer for your question. All classes have their unique beauty.


    A lot of it depends on your preferred fighting style/enemy composition (Piggies and or Arena Opponents).
    There are birds /classes I always use (Paladin) , but often find myself changing out the other two (Often Chuck and Blues).

    But, that’s just me.


    I think everyone has their favourite classes that they like to use. Mine are

    Red – Paladin
    Chuck – Rainbird
    Matilda – Bard
    Bomb – Capt’n / Canoneer
    Blues – Tricksters

    However, what I like use in general play and in the arena differs.


    Red – Samurai
    Chuck – Wizard
    Matilda – Druid
    Bomb – Capt’n
    Blues – Spies


    Of these trio, which team do you guys like more:

    Paladin, Wizard, Tricksters

    Paladin, Wizard, Spies

    Paladin, Wizard, Bard

    Paladin, Wizard, Druid

    Paladin, Bard, Tricksters

    Paladin, Bard, Spies

    Paladin, Druid, Tricksters

    Paladin, Druid, Spies

    For general play or arena?


    For me (lv.45 / 9+):
    1. Lightning Wizard, BEEP! Spies & Scissors Dog – pure offense wins nearly all fights.
    2. Chronos Wizard, Scissors Dog (or Dragon Paladin) – for Caves, where I need self-healing

    I very rarely play Matilda, as I prefer to kill things than heal, but when I play her, it’s Doom Bard (with Titan Samurai).

    In arena, I let the special requirements drive bird selection.

    Golden Piggie

    red: samurai mastery 6, or paladin mastery 4
    chuck: mage mastery 6
    matilda: princess mastery 6 , cant wait to get priest
    bomb: pirate: mastery 6, or captain, mastery 5
    blues: rouges or tricksters both mastery 6, cant decide on to get skulkers or marksmen

    Golden Piggie

    @brian1226 I like paladin, wizard, tricksters, not counting mastery


    Weel, my FAVORITE classes are:

    Red: Stone Guard
    Chuck: Rainbird
    Matilda: Bard
    Bomb: Sea Dog
    Blues: Marksmen


    Red: Samurai
    Chuck: Wizard
    Matilda: Bard
    Bomb: Captain
    Blues: Rouges
    my fav combo is wizard; captain & rouges


    Whatever gets me through my daily objectives!!

    Golden Piggie

    @burbman lololololol @kenhsieh i can tell u like marksman (hint: profile picture) and i dont think 275 lc’s is worth it for stone guard, i mean its good, but not worth it (unless of course you got it in the event)


    @goldenpig Yep, Stone Guard is not really worth the coins. But it works amazingly as Marksmen too.


    @goldenpig Wait, do you have Stone Guard in your Class Shop? I noticed Rovio had removed it from the shop somehow.

    Golden Piggie

    YOU dont see it because you already have it!
    Same as i cant see paladin in pmc’s shop


    My choices vary between Arena and the level I am playing.

    As far as favorites go:

    Red – Paladin
    Chuck – Rainbird
    Matilda – Bard (with stun weapon set; Druid otherwise)
    Bomb – Berserker (especially now with my golden chili)
    Blues – Skulkers


    @goldenpig Don’t judge too fast. Look at my “Guest” account.

    Golden Piggie

    might be you got it in a different country, for me the lc classes arent even locked!


    I don’t think your question has an answer. All classes have their unique beauty.

    Sir Falcon

    Red: Paladin
    Bomb-Sea Dog


    Depends to the enemies. Each class has their own special power and uses.


    You really need to work at increasing Mastery though. Use castle battles for that. Star Reef Castle is the best for it at this point although Desert Pig is good too although it doesn’t give as much snoutlings as before. King Pig’s used to be good as well.

    I think I miss a couple of obscure classes you can’t buy anymore but I have 30 classes. 1 at 10, 5 at 11 and the rest all at max (12 Mastery).

    For me the most efficient classes are these (I know you got a lot of advice already but I just signed up here and here’s my 2 cents ;) When I give more than one, they’re in order of my preference.

    – Mathilda: Witch and Druid (I usually love classes that give damage over time)
    – Bomb: Pirate (until my Seadog gets to 12 then that will be first), Sea Dog, Canonneer
    – Blues: Rogues, Trickster and Treasure Hunter (very useful against enemies with counters. Mine’s at 11 and can,t wait to get it to 12)
    – Red: Paladin all the way although I use my Elite Knight more now because of increased health. It also gives higher protection to targets. No healing on attack though.
    – Chuck: Wizard, Elite Mage and Rainbird.

    In battle, the right weapon sets can make a huge difference too. Mana Shell set for Chuck is very useful as will be the Reset set when I finally get the Sonic Orb. That set has caused me more grief in Arena than any other ;). Time Jump is nice too.

    For Red, Banner Breaker is my go to forthe increased attack. Before I got that, Dragon Breath was it for me.

    Mathilda, I discarded a few sets of her over time to get ressources power up others. I only kept Cleasing Light.

    For Bomb, my go to is Scissors. Waiting on the second (defensive) half of Gladiator Punch. Sugar Rush was awsome but I let it go for ressources as I got it before I got to level 50 and it was too weak.

    For Blues, I also had a few sets over time and only kept *Beep* Attack. It’s all about bonus attack to target and other enemies. None of the others are really compelling to me for Blues.

    Hope this helps you a bit! :) Do Castles over and over to level up and increase Mastery. That will help you more than any specific class or weapons at this point.

    Flight Wingman

    Red: Paladin/Guardian

    Chuck: Rainbird/Thunderbird

    Matilda: Bard/Druid

    Bomb: Berserker

    The Blues: Spies/Trickster


    If you’re in a group situation for one battle, then Skulkers, Illusionist and (strongest Bomb class) is the way to go. I normally get 1 turn wins there.
    If it’s for strongest healing team, then it’s Paladin, Rainbird and Druid.
    However, Rovio are starting their own series of classes to pick on Facebook, so I’d recommend checking that out.


    My current favorites:

    Red – Paladin
    Chuck – Rainbird
    Matilda – Bard
    Bomb – Sea Dog
    Blues – Rogues

    Sea Dog has been mentioned a couple of times, but I am surprised it is not in more lists. It does extremely heavy damage, 2x per turn if you use it well, and THREE times per turn with a Rage Chili if you use it well. Combine it with weapons that do splash damage and it can wipe out multiple enemies at a time.

    I use it most often with a Paladin in the group. Paladin can attack first which heals up the Sea Dog if it has taken any damage.

    Paladin-Rainbird-Sea Dog is a particularly brutal combo when Sea Dog is linked to Paladin and the Rage Chili is used on Rainbird.

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