What is new with RIO?

  • Yesterday I downloaded ver. 2.4.0 of RIO. It says earn coins and use them to unlock bonus levels. I see that by replaying the levels one may earn up to 5 coins. In my ipad the bonus levels are still the same. Does anyone have any idea where are those bonuz levels to be unlocked?

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  • CamTHC

    There are no new levels in this update, all bonus levels are the same. By the way, you can unlock episode “Hidden Harbor” for 300 coins now. (if it’s not unlocked yet, of course)


    camthc thanks for your quick response. I guess I have played HH one year ago. So at least for those who have played all episodes of RIO, those who read this will know that they do not need to replay the levels for coins until an unlockable new episode comes.


    I can’t figure out what those Rio coins are for.


    Now you win daily coins and Call the Flock on fifth day.


    You also buy power ups with coins instead of actual money now.

    Not much new for people that have completed the entire game. But I never purchased Mighty Eagle so now I can unlock all the feather bonus levels.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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