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  • Hi @admins @all this fantastic site is constantly now being turned into a support site for rovio. It used to be a site with each other helping with game strategy,now it seems to be crash,crash,crash not got my rewards etc. Come on rovio think about it, from a world leader it is losing creditability.people are constantly giving up daily through flustration

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  • Bird Leader

    Hi @ixan57. I think that’s natural in forums like this. Players need a place to share and get answers. I’m glad they come here, as we have an awesome community that is willing to listen and help.


    Hi @birdleader not having a go at the nest, forums great place to share views/problems with. but don’t you think it the amount of issues happening(share them here to help others) but all issues should be getting addressed to rovio support also as most problems are getting beyond anything that the nest can do.if more issues were addressed to rovio maybe more action. Cheers happy flinging

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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