What happened to the daily reward?

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  • Does anyone have the same situation like me?

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  • ddiequez

    I have that too.  I often wonder why I keep playing when Rovio doesn’t seem to care about the game.


    Yeah, I have the same issue too.


    Does anyone NOT have this situation…??

    Where are we gonna get our free lucky coins from?


    Doubt this is a bug. Rovio must not have liked the daily reward calendar, or maybe there was a way to hack it that people weren’t talking about (like resetting the calendar on your device or something). Or maybe they think the treasure chest you get from the theater makes up for the lack of reward calendar. Who knows? It’s one of those mysteries nobody will ever explain.

    It’s like we’re a bunch of cavemen, sitting around a CD player. We have no idea how it works, but we like the music coming out of it. And we get used to the song that’s playing, maybe even like it, and then the music changes for no apparent reason. It just stopped playing that thing we liked and moved on. The explanation for why the song we liked is no longer playing would be really simple if we knew how CD players worked and what they did, but we don’t. We’re just cavemen. So we listen to the CD player and have to accept that it regularly stops doing things we like.

    We never figure out that the guy controlling the CD player, who is not a caveman, is Rick-rolling us all.


    Now is back to normal.


    Hahaha @jamairoqui! A most eloquent explanation… However, the daily rewards calendar just went back to normal. I can only imagine the barrage of messages Rovio got on that little prank.


    Given the problems they’ve been having recently, I have serious doubts that it was a prank and even if it was, it’s not a great time for it.  It might be a different story if they were actively engaging with their user base before 2.4.0, but it’s leaving those of us who have been seriously affected by problems since 2.0.0 with the impression that it’s just another thing we have to compensate for by spending even more real money.

Home Forums Angry Birds Epic Forum What happened to the daily reward?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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