What did you get from captain freedom event?

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  • Did about maybe 20-30 premium pulls (all free)

    been playing for about 5 days now and I got

    1 5 star

    1 4 star

    and a bunch of 3 stars

    some 2 stars

    what did you guys get during this event? from premium pulls

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  • Swaggy

    I got 8 gold hatch tickets. It’s almost impossible to get 250 legs. But, I did recieve a free 10 hatch ticket for 4th of July and got my first 4 star.

    Power Pork

    I got the Capitan plus my second brenda

    Markus Brezel

    I managed to get 2x Captains during the event but failed to get the extra 10x premium eggs.

    Well, I wasted my life for pixels which I didn´t get:

    – reached the 50 drumsticks bonus but didn´t get it.

    – without the bonus, I couldn´t reach the 250 drumsticks for the extra 10 premium eggs.

    Mighty Red

    Got Captain Freedom during 5× chance. Reached the 125 mark in the event, didn’t bother wasting time trying to get to the 250 mark.


    I ended up getting Captain Freedom on only my 6th ticket. Still got the 250 drumsticks so I can save up tickets for the next event. Currently have 25 single tickets (The max), the x10 ticket from Rovio’s apology, as well as enough gems for another 10 bird roll.

    Hopefully 45 premium eggs is enough to immediately get the super bird when the next event begins. :/


    I got Captain Freedom and a four star bird on the Rovio Apology ticket.  Otherwise, just two and three star birds on premium tickets.  I did finally receive my awards for gathering the 250 drumsticks, and it appears that there is a 24 hr grace period to use tickets with the enhanced chance at premium birds.

    Epic Buttstomp

    Got him using a premium ticket awarded in game, chance multiplier at 10x. (For the Red event  it was at 5x when Red showed up). The drumsticks awarded me another 10 premium tickets. Saving them for next big event.


    My main team:

    Red – 5 stars

    Captain Freedom – 5 stars

    Carson (black) – 4 stars

    Claude (red) – 5 stars

    Billy the Blitz (yellow) – stars


    Roster will change if the other 4 of the originals show up.



    you guys are lucky :(

    my best birds were Thrash and Owlpheus while having 9X chance of captain freedom appearing


    I got Captain Freedom on a single, free premium ticket with a 2x chance mulitplier. Then, with the 10 hatch ticket (btw what was that for, again? I didn’t make it to 250 legs but I had one nonetheless) I got Bette and Kowalski. So I finally have a nice handful of 4-5 star birds to build my team with =)


    Hello! I am new around here and I was wondering if the events like red / yellow / cap freedom / fire rooster etc… are recurrent?

    If yes, does anyone have a list and an idea of the cycle or time table?


    Epic Buttstomp

    In about a day or so, Chuck (yellow bird from movie and game) will has one of those events. I suspect the format will be similar to Captain Freedom but we won’t know until we see it. Just keep an eye out in the upper left area of the game interface, to the right of your profile.


    Thanks! And I was wondering, since I’ve missed the red event and fire rooster event, will they happen again?

    Markus Brezel

    I bet my ass that it will be bugged too and you won´t get the extra 50 pyramids as well.

    Epic Buttstomp

    @martinb  I got the 50 extra drumsticks last time with Captain Freedom but then I already had the Captain by premium eggs already. I just happened to be in game when the event ended. BTW The event seems to end 1 hr earlier than the timer.

    Best bet now is to save up all the premium tickets you have and don’t use them until the event starts. No point to waste premium tickets now on some 2-3 stars garbage.

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