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  • My card levels are Emerald to Elder Silver.

    Red: Emerald
    Blues: Elder Silver
    Chuck: Amethyst
    Matilda: Amethyst
    Silver: Elder Bronze
    Bomb: Diamond
    Terence: Diamond

    All my birds are wearing 2x hats, and I have a emerald slingshot (5x).

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  • CaptSternn

    Believe it is called Epic Azure. All my birds are at that level.


    Red: Elder Bronze
    Chuck: Elder Silver
    Bomb: Elder Bronze
    Matilda: Elder Emerald (I got lucky one day and earned 8000+ feathers from the Tower of Fortune, the Daily Challenge, King Pig Panic, Common Chests, Daily Rewards, and the Legendary Chest. Matilda skyrocketed up 5 levels from Diamond to Elder Emerald in literally 2 minutes! Oh happy day…)
    The Blues: Elder Bronze
    Terence: Elder Bronze
    Silver: Elder Silver [that’s ironic]


    Red: Master Bronze
    Chuck: Master Bronze
    The Blues: Master Bronze
    Matilda: Master Bronze
    Silver: Master Silver(yes, it’s ironic)
    Bomb: Master Silver
    Terence: Master Bronze
    Elder Sliver Slingshot

    All Cowboy Hats except for Silver(knight hat) and Matilda(winter hat).

    Mechanic Pig

    After today, My red is now Amethyst.


    This is it lol,wonder about 100000 feather cards,could happen to appear in 3-4 months.


    Mechanic Pig

    Got Blues levelled up to Elder Gold today!


    Edit: All my birds are all on Master Silver, except for Bomb and the Blues on Master Gold.


    I don’t know where you find out what they’re called, but mine are:

    Red – 23
    Blue – 21
    Chuck – 20
    Matilda – 21
    Silver – 21
    Bomb – 21
    Terence – 20

    Slingshot – Emerald

    I’m a rookie compared to you all!

    Mechanic Pig

    @ericli Yeah The Blues are very easy to level up…

    Mechanic Pig

    Update: Amethyst slingshot, Silver with 3x hat, Chuck is Diamond and Bomb is Elder Bronze.

    Vogel Birdson

    I’m not sure what card levels my birds are either:

    My ‘star’ rating is 77 (currently 5/390)

    Red – 37
    Blues – 38
    Chuck – 37
    Matilda – 38
    Silver – 37
    Bomb – 38
    Terence – 38

    Slingshot – Elder Azure


    oh yeah emeralds are out :P matches well with the green slingshot and greeney medusa hat…had to open 9 legendary chests for to upgrade the red others are auto updated with feathers i got from tower.

    Snap 2017-05-11 at 16.19.30.jpg


    I can’t upload img help


    oh harharhar just use a capture tool to capture the in game image,i used duckcapture program then go to your account setting and browse your saved pic and click upload then click on album and click on the photo then copy paste the address here..it’s called Embed (med)


    It said your reply cannot be created at this time…
    My red is elder bronze(17)
    Blues is emerald(14)
    Chuck is elder silver(18)
    Matilda elder gold(19)
    Silver is aruze(13)
    Bomb is elder bronze(17)
    Terence is elder aruze(20)
    I played for a month,haven’t spent money
    Slingshot is emerald
    All X 3 hats(it’s just luck)
    Sucks right?I’m not good at this game
    EDIT:slingshot became aruze.bomb became elder silver,silver and blues became aruze,Terence became elder emerald


    lol nice you’ve long way to the top but still it’s fun i used to play a lot finally maxed out everything now i’ve noting to do,hope they release angry bird 3.



    I am surprised you are still using the Mythic hats @desperados …I bought them but changed back to the steampunk set as the mythical look terrible other than a couple of them imo.

    Edit: ….and @desperados what is with Silvers eyes in the last pic you posted lol?


    Lol yeah chucky silver’s eye looks like your chuck avatar’s left eye,they blink their eyes in the game i made a good timing while capturing the image i guess :P

    Matilda’s steam hat spoils collection looks extra absurd and yeah all of the mythic hats are absurd only silver’s one 1st for among all others for me…i don’t like full sets this is my best mixed collection,bomb’s hat reminds me of Xardas who was the greatest of the Fire Mages in gothic games.

    Snap 2017-05-12 at 09.47.03.jpg


    Yeah the only mythic I like is Matilda’s, the rest just look silly/stupid to me. I also am not a fan of Matilda’s steampunk, alas some of the hats I do like are in the lower card levels, so for now I just settled on steampunk as Matilda’s is probably the only one I dislike.


    My 1st is terence’s Jason’s mask,psychopath murderer ready to take the revenge also knight hat for red suits him…for the future i’d like see ninja themed hats or cyborg post modern.


    I just wonder @desperados did spent money on this game?cause I didn’t even get a C10/X4 hat…..is that abnormal for me playing for a month?


    there used to be a glitch that you could restart game right after you collect arena reward. By doing so, one could bank tons of feathers as long as he/she spent time on restarting game. The glitch has been fixed already.

    Epic Buttstomp

    Actual card level, not combined level.

    24: Red, Blue, Chuck, Terence

    25: Matilda, Silver, Bomb

    Hats are at x4
    Slingshot at 13.

    Mechanic Pig

    Silver is now Elder Silver (Definitely Ironic) and Bomb has a 3x hat.

    Angry Beaver

    26th card level all of ’em (overall 44 all birds).

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