What a hot mess! Very Bored and Confused

  • I’ve been playing a decent amount of time. Since the upgrade several things are wrong. First and foremost every other time I do anything my screen goes blank. I can still hear it but no picture. Have to shut down. So frustrating. Never did that before. I have AB 2 as well as many other video games and have no problem at all. Only in Transformers. What’s up with that?

    2nd I was always able to upgrade with whatever those bubble looking things are which I could acquire through Sparkrun or crates.  Crates doesn’t have them anymore and Sparkrun has cut out the 100 that went to achievements. Now I need Crystal’s and gems. Still cant figure where all the Crystal’s are going and how to use them. I never have enough so can’t upgrade. This in turn doesn’t allow me to ever open a new territory and doesn’t give me new characters. I haven’t unlocked a new character since. I get tons of pig coins but for what. They always unlocked a new character.

    Every battle is the same screen after screen. Even the giant guys are missing in most.  The Challenge isn’t even as good.  Boring scenes and enemies screen after screen. Need some new scenery. Need more like the chopper or that giant bubble giant. Question does the bubble giant actually blow up? Have come so close but nada.

    To unlock the bat area is impossible.  I’m rarely taken to the cave and even they are far and few in between so duh no bats. There’s nothing showing how many I actually have either.  Worthless.

    Wish they had left it alone and just added new things instead of taking away what worked.

    Any input would be appreciated!





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  • Well, they didn’t exactly take away what worked. They just adjusted the way how you upgrade your Transformers and Energonicons, and people are being babies and throwing temper tantrums about it.



    They actually took away a lot. They reset all of my accessories to the basement level, whereas I’d worked to build up my accessories and had some pretty strong Bots.

    They also took away almost all ability to gain gems, and they took away the Spire, which was a good way to both ‘win’ and ‘lose’ gems… as well as ‘win’ accessory upgrades and other resources.

    This whole ‘war’ theme, will kill the game, in the long run.

    @vabeachguy What’s wrong with all of that? Nothing is! You can gain more gems in the War Pass/Prime Pass, you can buy gems using your money from the App Store, and you can upgrade your Energonicons and accessories using your coins and crystals.

    I don’t see why you and other people are acting like big babies over this and comparing Rovio to companies like EA and Blizzard. I’m not trying to bully you, I’m just trying to get you to accept the facts: the old game isn’t coming back, and you don’t have to start a flame war over it. Just accept the changes and try to have as much fun as you can with what we have now.

    It’s what I’m doing, and I’m having fun with it.



    “What’s wrong with all of that? Nothing is!” Well, that’s your opinion, and I won’t say that your opinion is invalid… for you. It is invalid for me, though. For me, “everything” is what’s wrong with it. That’s the beauty of opinions, everyone is permitted to have their own.

    As for ‘acting like big babies’, why are you throwing out personal insults when nobody is insulting you for your opinion (at least I haven’t)? It’s the height of immaturity and basically shuts down any meaningful discussion, because from this point forward, nothing that you say will have any meaning to me. Whereas if you had kept it to a mature level, we could have had a good discussion and maybe you could have convinced me that your opinion had some value to me. But now, I couldn’t care less about any of your opinions.

    Take that as a ‘life lesson’… or don’t, I don’t care either way lol.


    So, question for all those who bought a War Pass in season 1- Is it still valid for season 2 or are you required to pay again?


    Of course you have to pay again for the next 60 days😔


    Decided to take a break from the game for a while, I don’t hate everything about the update, I do like how pigs are actually given some sort of value, the upgrading system’s kind of meh, and I wish that the War Rewards were a bit better balanced, but the sudden lack of gems was a real bummer since I was saving up to unlock the Jungle Area and was pretty close to getting there.

    I’m gonna revisit the game for a while longer before deciding if I’m gonna hold on any longer.


    I just can’t progress any new Transformers.  Even upgrading they took away the amount of bubbles to do that. All of mine take over 1,000. Cant even buy them in the token exchange.  Not sure how to get anywhere. Same stuff over and over.  What do I do with all the piggies that used to unlocked the new characters?


    I dont want to pay for things in the App store. That’s how they get you. And as far as “babies”? Grow up it’s just opinions and a little frustration. There were more ways to progress before.

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