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  • This is an open discussion to anyone here that have fun, like me, on optimizing things without becoming redundant.

    I started from these reasonings:
    – You can’t have all’ your weapons both maxxed out AND fully enchanted.
    – You can’t easily switch your best arena team with different birds/weapons fit for events’ nor birds/weapons for general porpouse world map/caves grinding;
    – You CAN properly choose among your weapons/classes/teams in order to have at least TWO of them that could bè comboed and fit almost ANY different game scenario.
    – You MUST power up classes/weapons/banners with the goal of making them hard top fight for teams/banners od your Level if not better.

    Red – Paladin – Dragon Breath
    Chuck – Wizard – Twin Lightning
    Matilda – Witch – Enduring Chant
    Bomb – Berserker – The Punisher
    Blues – Skullkers – Beep! Attack
    Banner – Valiant – Desplacement
    – weapons: all’ of them are L82/E10 ancient ones.
    – classes: all’ of them are L80/M** elite ones
    – banner: all’ pieces are E10 and mighty ones

    There are plenty of reasonings behind these choices instead of others but actually I’m satisfied with them. ( I can elaborate, if you want ).

    This are the best combo a used with the previously described pieces.

    Best Arena Team – Matilda, Bomb, Blues
    Best (defensive) Arena Team – Red, Chuck, Matilda
    Events’ – Red, Chuck, Blues
    World Map levels – Chuck, Bomb, Matilda
    Caves – Red, Bomb, Blues
    Many many many different combos are highly effective but opponents’ dependent, too.

    – against enemies with elusive skills (samurai)
    – against banners with reflective skills
    – against enemies with continuous abilities
    – when some arena daily objectives can bè optimized only through different choices
    – against any top tier teams L80/M80/E10 with highly specialized strategies
    – when I’m bored of these birds. :-)

    I’m debating with myself about Samurai and Stone Guard. Red Weapons that could bè powered are Big Slam or Iron Wall.

    I’m sure to opt for RainBird but I’m not sure between these weapons: Reset or Mana

    I personally don’t like any other matilda classes. When I’m obliged to switch the Witch, I use Cleric or Bard. Her weapons’ set are weak but sometimes I miss the nature’s blessing effect so I’ll probably go for It. If I can’t decide, Sweet! could be a Good general porpouse weapons’ set with good continuous effects

    Cannoneer and Pirate are both good second picks. He has a lot of Good weapons’ but I Will probably go for Sweet

    Sometimes I miss Rogues and the weapons’ set ability to win the arena flip. sometimes I NEED treasure Hunter skills and heavy Attack.

    I cannot think about a different Good replacement for Valiant set. only Justice Can bè considered but It is still subpar. Among emblems, I’m dying behind finding a mighty Chrono. Against at least 70% among top tier teams, diminished healing works better than anything else.

    What do you think? Is there something that could be considered before chosing?


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  • Maxx_Matt

    In one of the last mini updates, Rovio fixed the HUGE triggering healing effect of ENDURING CHANT (multiple heals to all’ the birds after rage attack). Now, this Matilda weapons’ set is still good but not gamebreaking like the previous version.

    Which among the other Matilda weapons sets will you enchant?
    Any (unusual) ideas?



    For my 9 friends that have all birds M80 :
    4 for Nature’s Blessing
    2 for Sweet
    2 for Nightmare
    1 for Perfect Balance

    I prefer Sweet which is better with my way to play but it’s not the majority.


    your data are very reasonable, from my gaming experiences too.

    The most you play, the most you Need to refine game strategies in order to “counter-act” opponents’ perfect choices.
    If you exclude events’/world map games (simply too easy, any choice you’ll do), the real threats to manage come from Arena Top Level M80/L80/E10 enemies. Usually, at that Level simply “things happen” and you can’t avoid almost anything.

    Nature’s Blessing is an high level answer to Witch/Rainbird/SelfHealingBirds too strong not to bè taken among the possible choices (style of play and team composition needed in order to expand this argument, maybe next time :-)).

    Nature’s Blessing and Sweet! will bè mine next to Power Up weapons sets of choice. Thanks

    PS. the possibly best way to completely shut up opponents’ healing is your own (often underused) mythic Flag banner with Diminished Healings. You Can Power Up yours with Sweet! while shutting up opponents’ ones. I often use it, but It is only L72/E10, actually. On the other hand, as soon ad I’ll grab a new Mythic Time Walk, the impact of Nature Blessing on the game Will bè raised a lot. :-)


    I’m trying to fine tuning another Arena Team

    – Banner – Valiant
    – Emblem – Mythic Resurrection
    – Chuck – Wizard with Last Words
    – The Blues – Halloween Skullkers with Thirst of Vengeance

    You can easily follow the overall strategy: banner shrink the mean rebirth time counter and Emblem resurrect birds at full power; the best two triggers for this banner/emblem came from the two weapons set written above.

    Third bird issue optional choices:
    a) Bomb Berserker with Punisher
    b) Matilda Witch with Sweet!
    c) Bomb Cannoneer with Sugar!

    Option A) can let you abuse the raw power of Punisher while both B) and C) can power up longer games with additional Healings. Option A) can help you trigger additional attacks/rebirth killing Chuck or Blues with Berserker secondary ability.

    What do you think? Which class/weapons/optional can perfect this idea?
    Do you have a more complex nor different approach to similar game strategy?


    Coach MP

    I feel silly, but what set item is Matilda’s “Enduring Chant?”  I’ve snooped around alot in game and online and can’t find it anywhere.  Please help me out, thanks!

    I have: Nature’s Blessing (E6,4) and Nightmare (E8,7)  I have lots of the other set items too, but no Enduring Chant…

    Coach MP

    Also, if I may post a second question: Please help me with arena items.  When you make a roll on your gpm in the arena you receive an item.  It’s level is based on your current level.  I have some old Level 72 pieces, lots of 82s, and a few new 92s.  As such the levels increase so does the strength.  I just rolled a Level 92 Valiant Tapestry, 18288 (pumped about that one!)  So it’s stronger than my old VT level 82.

    Here’s my question: do “Set Item’s” strength change depending on what league you’re in when you roll them?  Which leads to my second, it does seem that my emblems change and are more powerful when rolled with 3 stars and in a higher league.  So, do they also change, again depending on what League you’re in?  Same ? for Mythics?   Thanks in advance!


    Any arena special set item spinned from your AGPM depends both on your birds level and the league you are currently involved. Any special nor mythic or ancient objects are always 3-stars. Your logic apply to any other normal ones.

    Matilda special weapon set that I’m referring to, with the words “ENDURING CHANT” (that I literally translated in this way in english from the italian name of the weapon decided by ROVIO: “CANTO DURATURO”) is an easy finding because the shield is an horse with rainbow crest and the sword is a rainbow guitar :-) It suites very well the BARD characters’ line.


    I’m testing my “TriggeringTeam” even during arena season 14th and I made some crucial changes that are improving the winning rate dramatically leaving the team very funny to play with, too.

    Triggering Team
    Chuck, Wizard with Last Chance;
    The Blues, Marksmen with Forest’s Call
    Matilda, Witch with Enduring Chant
    Banner, Valiant head and body, Mythic Resurrection Emblem

    Playing against Rovio A.I. means that the opponent’s moving sequence involves killing my Chuck first, quickly followed by The Blues. They had two major triggering effects that will unbalance the game in your favour. Killing Chuck gives you two additional attacks while killing Blues gives you an uncomparable damage/stun/disenchant effect all’ at once. If you are playing with a Chuck very very very low on defences like me, during opponents’ first turn, they could bè able to kill it more than once if Resurrection emblem will trigger, too. When you are facing strong teams with TimeWalk emblems, they could bè able to kill both Chuck and Blues many times in a single turn; if I’m Lucky my emblem triggers more than once. Any single effect produce an heavy chain of “side effects” that are both funny and strong. Marksmen hit always opponents’ banner: it means that any recurring further hit will add additional bonus damages for free. Both Chuck and Blues weapons can dispel opponents’ enchantments, useful against mythic protections as much as when the “triggering time” will bè stretched to its maximum by luck or kinky game situations. My Chuck and Blues have very very very poor defences (old special weapons casually survived to the Fury of the Ancient Forge :-)) while the attack weapons are pumped to its maximum ( actually E10 on L92 or ancient L82): they die often and often hit hard. very hard. Matilda has been my last addition: sometimes bardic or druidic healing are not enough to prevent your loss. Massive banner healing coming from witch is needed, as much as the last triggering effect coming from its weapon: every rage will heal the most wounded ally for free. Due to the facts that Matilda is usually the last team member to survive, its stunning weapon will hit many times, hopefully triggering often. Valiant set provides a quicker way to resume your birds and this “High speed” put your “weaker on porpouse birds” in condition to bè killed again with the consequent effects cascade, each time. Matilda and banner defences are the only ones pumped to its maximum, because they have to “tank” while the remaining part of the team “recurs and triggers” for free.

    Vengeance Emblem: tried and rejected. While it adds MORE damages to your gauntlet of options, It can’t provide you to have MORE damages MORE often. Resurrection emblem easily fill this gap, perfectly.

    Skullkers and Treasure Hunter: I extensively play with them before trying Marksmen. Again, they can apply MORE damages singlehandly but this team shines all’ together and only Marksmen let the other birds to apply MORE damage MORE often.

    Bards and Berserker and Samurai: they are easily good choices. Bard stuns better than anyone else, Berserker Can kill your birds and Attack for a pletora of damages, samurai is perfect coupled after marksmen. again, while all’ these options are cool and stylish, anytime I won they were perfect but anytime I Lost I missed banner’s healing power coming from witch. Easy choice, put in the very last essential bird that Can Save your games/ass more than the others.

    Have a nice day,


    It needs to be checked but if you can kill another bird just after Chuck (with Bones set), the Last chance doesn’t work.


    in my experience, aside it is a very rare game situation, anytime a single hit (maybe with additional splash damage) or an uninterrupted chain of hits (like opponents’ Chuck rages) will kill your Chuck AND other birds, Last Chance will trigger only after Blues Call of Forest trigger and only if at least Matilda survived opponents’ rush. Otherwise It Will fizzle.

    A bad game situation occurs, instead without any reason, when Chuck rages but It is low on Life points. If opponents’ Emblem Will damage and kill Chuck, rage stops soon

    On the other hand, I’d like to know your experience using that Blues’ weapon set: IMHO, sometimes the “resolution order” of the three effects combined each other can skip some of them even if banner is alive and could possibly be targeted by any combos among the three effects. It is a little bit lame, because if you rely on them on stunning or damaging additional targets and they fizzle, you are suddenly in a bad shape.

    What do you think?

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