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  • What’s new in Angry Birds Epic 2.5.1?

    The Halloween hubbub is behind us, now the most epic birds of gaming are getting ready for a cheerful holiday season. Right in time before the late fall blues kicks in, check out these bombtastic updates:

    Everybody freeze: no don’t. The issues that go you stuck at loading balancing after updating the game got busted and finally fixed.

    Like the ceiling can’t hold you: be the first to reach the new player level & Bird

    Mastery cap of 90

    The vets only challenge: Level 80+ birds, go explore two brand new Chronicle Caves revealed from the grounds

    Cave clash: pig power levels in the Chronicle Caves have been adjusted

    Taste this: new potion recipes for high level players are now available for a swine test

    Rock solid: we updated the game’s infrastructure to improve performance and stability
    Improvements and Balancing changes:

    For arena champions: claim your double score! We reactivated the video ad option in the battle result screen

    For healers: the Challenger Witch’s magic banner healing ability has increased from 5% to 15% of damage dealt by Matilda in a turn.

    For damage dealers: the Challenger Stoneguard’s passive ability is fixed. Damage dealt will now properly increase by 15% for every 30% HP lost (maximum damage boost = 45%)

    For bomb boosters: the All-Star Cannoneer’s passive ability will now properly increase damage by 10% for every 20% HP lost (maximum damage boost = 40%)

    For real: the difficulty in normal event battles and Chronicle Cave stages for players on level 30 and higher got slightly reduced

    For discoverers: we added a new “more games” button to the world map menu

    For loot hunters: event teaser screens now properly show whether you can win a Premium Class or a Class Upgrade as main reward

    Bug fixes:

    Stay calm and watch ads: legit players won’t be flagged as cheaters accidentally when doubling their event points through watching a rewarded video ad

    Ditch the glitch: we fixed several visual glitches on the world map and in the bird manager

    Make them stay: the Cauldron and Anvil icons do no longer disappear in the shop offer

    Note to our Android players:
    2.5.0 is the last version of Angry Birds Epic supporting devices running Android 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 – to improve the quality of the game for the great majority of players, we need to move on.

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  • ;)

    The game still crashes in the arena if you are logged into FB, at least when using the Galaxy S8, very annoying! Works OK if you sign out of FB in the nest and also in FB itself, though. I was hoping this would be corrected in this new version.

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