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  • Kackman73


    As @KerrAvon said, Knight and Princess worked for me, along with Cannoneer.

    I attacked primarily with Cannoneer (debuff Lawrence’s attack power by 20%).

    I attacked with Knight (force Lawrence to attack Knight) until the turn before Lawrence’s charge attack was to go off, at which point I put Protect on Knight (-55% incoming damage).

    I attacked with Princess the first turn, but after that her only job was to constantly heal Knight (removes stun from Lawrence’s charge attack and keeps Knight alive).

    For some reason, even after Princess would cleanse Knight, his attack would only land for 300 or so (as opposed to the 700-some the tooltip indicated it should), so the fight took quite a long time.

    However, I was never in danger of dying, and earned three stars despite getting only 1500 points for killing Lawrence after dozens of turns (I managed to kill him when everyone was at full health, so earned 31,500 total).

    Summary of classes used:

    Knight (45/8, Grand Slam) – Attack Boss & Protect Self
    Princess (45/8, Nightmare) – Heal Knight
    Cannoneer (45/8, Sugar Rush) – Attack Boss


    Alas, 4x bonus is gone now (rested bonus + exp potion).


    Has the time zone glitch been patched?




    Any tips for the Cave 14 boss?
    The doom drone and the Tinkerer?



    I don’t think the 38 difference between the two set items is a new glitch, as I have experienced that once before with a duplicate Titan Grip, and that was prior to the latest upgrade, though the difference in my case was 30. My Red was lvl.41 at that time.


    Since the upgrade I have experienced a similar post-cleanse decrease in attack power for Red in a different battle. This may be a new bug.


    Anyone else notice that Princess’s “removes bad effects” ability now activates after healing instead of before, making pigs that steal healing especially dangerous now. I don’t know if this is a bug or deliberate.


    Well, have the Stone Guard up to level 5 after getting the mastery offer from the store.

    Also up to level 6 in Cave 15. Now I need to wait for my friends’ birds to reset.


    I’ve noticed the same thing with Rainbird’s healing too.


    Take out the Doom Drone ASAP. Not only does he deal a ton of damage, but he also summons new drones to fight. Since both him and the other character (forget his name) can summon drones, you’ll need to take him out early before you get overwhelmed. Be prepared to use some rage chilis just in case


    @neomerlinmagic That change was introduced in the update before this one. *Sigh* As if those witch doctors and ice shamans weren’t bad enough before…


    Didn’t take them long to force the update…


    Just reached level 45 last night, and got my rainbow riot this morning. Either today was my lucky day, or they have made some changes to the GPM in our favor. I played Rainbow riot for the full 15 minutes, spinning the three coins per roll, ultimately filling the rainbow bar just over two times, probably between 100 and 120 spins, and received the following set items:

    Steel Wall
    Titan Grip
    Steel Force (3)

    Living Lightning
    Lightning Tomb (2)
    Phoenix Egg

    Honey Spoon

    Candy Bomb
    Candy Chain

    Remote Control
    Ballista Bolts
    RC Robot
    The Sling

    Overall that is 20 set items, 6 complete sets, and only three duplicate set items in just over 100 rolls. Anyone else with similar experiences, or is it a good day to go buy a lottery ticket?



    For the last few days I got 7 out of 10 rolls from friends I got SET items. I thought I was losing my mind when I got 4 or 5 in a row. This has never happened before and I almost posted it. Glad you are experiencing the same. When Rovio annouced I was unlucky in previous reply to getting 5 crummy items in a row (top to banners and 5 of the same purple pennants in row) maybe my luck has changed. I hope it continues. I would be interested if anyone else has seen this.

    Doc Mayank

    Thank you, it worked well. Everything 3 starred now.

    Green Whacker

    I take it max stars is now 966?


    Ok,so i open the game,gets stuck(look at my profile pic),then I delete the app,redownlad it,sign in to rovio Account and a message appeared saying:”A game update is required to use this profile.” IT IS!Is this a bug?


    I wonder what the Power Rating would be if one of those 235238590 HP bird teams showed up.


    @tomc My guess would be over 9000 (Pun intended :D). That would be a dead giveaway if someone saw that. So this new power rating should be helpful thinking it’s easier to spot hackers.

    Angry Johnny

    It can also make Rovio more aware about who is cheating or not since logging an abnormal high Power Rating would not be too hard for them to do. :-)


    @burbman @dallasreds — I hope you bought lottery tickets yesterday. I got the rainbow riot this morning and did get 1 set item out of 10 rolls, but not ready to spend my LC like that yet.


    Has Bard been nerfed? Previously, she was hitting for nearly 1,000 in Nightmare gear, now it’s barely 800.


    @graugeist I used Bard with Nightmare a lot today and didn’t see any difference.


    I accidentally equipped an older version of the weapon, so it looked the same, but was a lot weaker.


    I just had my first lvl 45 rainbow riot today. Spent 63 LC on it.
    Red: Dragontooth, Titangrip
    Chuck: Chronometer, Phoenix Egg
    Matilda: Yang
    Bomb: Rock
    Blues: Nothing :(

    Given my history of bad luck, this happens to be the highest I’ve ever gotten in a single rainbow riot…

    Doc Mayank

    Soo.. this rainbow riot thing gave me tons of items (including 5x Rock/4X Paper and 5x Titan’s Wrath) last week. This week however, I spent enough LC to fill it 3/4th. No items whatsoever. This is messed up


    My yesterday rainbow riot: RC Robot and Doom. 93LC lost (31 spins)……..

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