Unlocking Brass Hogs in Space

  • I’ve 3-starred all levels, working on Danger Zone now. Is there any other way I can speed up the unlocking process for Brass Hogs? 360 missions is a really long wait.

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  • Sglouk

    No other way, sorry. Note that if you reset your missions until you are asked to beat your score at some level, it gives you 10 points per mission, that is 30 points per day. So in 12 days, you’ll make it.


    It doesn’t give you 10 points per mission, the number varies according to the difficulty of the mission.


    @chiiyuen0109 you get between 1 and 10 points per mission completed. 10 is usually for a mission that says beat your score in a certain level. It goes much quicker than it seems. I am currently unlocking the Brass Hogs levels myself. I had them unlocked before, but lost all my progress in ABO, Space, Seasons, Rio and Star Wars when the phone I used to play on broke.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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