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  • Yikes! Had this giant creature two times already and cannot make a dent in him with my strongest TF. This guy is huge compared to Boss Pig! Anyone else have any luck?

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  • Pampeans

    @bpmann please post this here.


    Same here, I think we need a better weapon!


    I have no idea what to do. I damaged him, but it’s not consistent. I don’t know what part of his body I’m supposed to target.

    In the end, I survived the encounter, and wound up with a whopping 1,599 points (before bonus!) but I didn’t actually kill him.

    I was using E. Grimlock.


    well I wish you could really use starscream for this…that would be broken


    Greyslam autotarget. When the flaming pigs get close they can also be targeted with auto lock. He won’t blow up, just run away.


    I almost had him beat with e. Grimlock also using glassor as well. Not yet! Grrrrr


    I just got him beat with greyslam grim. He didn’t blow up, he did indeed just stroll away.


    Yes, energon Grimlock is what I have been using. Last run, I got to about half strength. Surviving, and getting some hood scores, but not defeating Unicron- yet!! Not sure how much their power is dumbed down. At least we’re not getting wiped out like the last challenge. There I hope.

    Drover’s Dog

    I used Grey Slam Grimlock with Sentinel Prime and Powerbot as the energonicon to at least get 20% bonus to great effect in a long Pig City node to notch up my first defeat of Unicron.


    It’s doable as long as you don’t have too many falling monoliths or WMTs to deal with. I’ve defeated Unicron twice now, and both times that was the case. Otherwise, too many distractions to handle.

    Francis Crawford

    I chased him off with Grey Grimlock and Glassor. It was close; I let GG take a lot of hits so as to let me stay focused on the target. Well, semi-close; Ultra Magnus was in reserve should GG have been totally defeated.

    Annoyingly, my pre-bonus points for the round were under 3000. Of course, I had a very low bonus on top of that; it’s possible my after-bonus points didn’t cross 3000 either.

Home Forums Angry Birds Transformers Forum unicron? I got nothin'

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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