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  • The last week or so my all Level 5 Team keeps getting matched against teams that are all or mostly Level 6 birds, and usually stacked with most the spell cards on top of that.

    It’s pretty sad when I’ve Striked on, and basically completely obliterated, the first three rooms and I’m still 2,000,000+ points behind my opponent and they have 3 or 4 cards more than me in reserve.

    Is this some glitch or am I just having extremely bad luck on the selection process?

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  • RedYoshi45

    I don’t know but I have the same troubles. I’m always facing opponents that have better birds than me. I’m part level 2/3 and I’m getting all level 3 opponents that magically get such good scores I can’t compete. Spell card encounters are rare for me yet but I heard of cases where people would get all level 8’s with five spell cards.

    Also to note, sometimes I get opponents that have one more bird on stock than I do – even though there can only be 7.


    Naw, it’s always been like that.

    Of course, since all my birds are Level 6, why wouldn’t I want to compete against an opponent with all Level 8 birds and 5 spells?

    Oh wait- because it’s unbalanced. Yet 19/20 of my opponents show up this way. And I keep seeing the same opponent names over and over too.

    It must depend on the ‘league’ you’re in and who’s available to play within that league.


    Ever since the update that increased the Arena price, excuse me, more than DOUBLED the arena price, it has been matching up opponents that are VERY uneven with most opponents having all level 8 birds and all spells (I’m at level 80 and have 3stared all 540 levels and have 5-level 7 birds and 2 level 8 birds so that has a factor in the matchmaking too).. The easy way to avoid this uneven matchup B.S. Is when you have an uneven opponent just close the game out before clicking the ‘Battle’ button and keep reopening the game/arena until you get a reasonable opponent.


    Yes I am aware of that trick. Unfortunately I spent a whole hour and couldn’t get a single match that I had a chance of winning. Finally settled on one that only had four level 6 birds and no spells and only lost by 50,000


    That annoys me, too. Almost every time I meet opponents with a full flock of higer level birds, while four of mine are still lower.
    I restart the game several times when I get clowns like that.

    If you fight them in an old, well known level, you’ve got zero chances to win. I beat high level opponents only in new levels (water below, magnets where things can fall up) where your playing ability counts.


    I’ve noticed it’s gotten worse since the update. I used to be matched up pretty good, but now I’m getting all level 6’s while I have level 4 and 5 birds. I stopped playing until I either got demoted or just a different league to play in. It seems a bit better this week. We’ll see how it goes.


    This sux!
    After I got my first level 6 bird, I only get opponents with a full flock of 6-birds and sometimes 7-birds. I restart the game several time to get a fair chance.

    I don’t know if it makes sense to win feathers when we always get opponents with higher ranked birds.


    Right now my opponents are fair. I have two level 4’s and five level 3’s and the opponents I get are either all level 3’s or up to four level 4’s in it which is ok. I’ve seen different already, though.


    Restarting the game is crucial to getting a fair match most of the time. I am just happy to have learned that little trick, otherwise I would be fighting to stay out of the bottom three about half the time. This way I am winning, and winning in a big way. I hope Rovio doesn’t “fix” this option anytime soon.


    Instead of being demoted, I got promoted to Diamond league! I wasn’t in the top three. Now the matches are even worse. I guess I’ll be sitting out another week.

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