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  • With the AB cast being so robust it’s sometimes hard to believe there were just 5 birds at some point in history. Here is a top 10 of all the characters I wish to see make a return in the future:

    10: Blu and Jewel

    All right, I know I’m technically cheating here but In Angry Birds Rio they were chained to each other so they count as one, after you’ve launched them Jewel will charge forward after you’ve tapped, making them the first bird(s) to travel in a straight line.

    9: Hal

    How could this have happened? Hal was one of the first 7 birds! I feel like Rovio has been undermining how much potential he has as a character, his only major role in an animation wasn’t even Angry Birds Toons! It was in the Summer Pignic short! Anyone else think we need to start a petition to bring him back along with the PC games?

    8: Hockey Bird

    Alright, while his usage may be dictated by dealings with the NHL and the like, that can’t stop us from wanting more of him!

    7: Stella Flock

    I’m cheating again, this time because I just couldn’t pick one, they’re all practically unused at this point because AB Stella was discontinued and Stella POP Became Angry Birds Pop.

    6: Tony

    He’s basically a more hairy version of Terence, he’s only used in Angry Birds Seasons and Rovio isn’t updating that anymore so… He needs to make a comeback. (maybe not because I feel like his eyes are piercing into my soul)

    5: Mighty Dragon

    He’s only used in the Year of the Dragon on Angry Birds Seasons and he’s for free! Only unlike Mighty Eagle he does a loop-de-loop instead of bouncing.

    4: Space Eagle

    What it says on the tin, the Mighty Eagle in space.

    3: Little Timmy/Tiny Tim

    Now here’s an obscure character, he’s based off of Tiny Tim from a Christmas Carol, he was only used in the Christmas web comic that can be read here on Angry Birds Nest. Not to mention the only pig on this list.

    2: Space Egg

    One of the least used characters in Angry Birds Space, He/She needs to be used more often than a bonus level/power-up.

    1: Ice Bird

    The first bird to be introduced in… 5 months as of March 2012. He’s only used in Angry Birds Space, my favorite Bird in AB Space, the only bird that Rovio hasn’t named yet. Anyone else think  he needs to make a comeback?

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Home Forums General Discussions Forum Underused/Forgotten Characters.

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