Unable to connect on Mighty League for several days

  • Hi all,

    Is anyone else unable to connect with Mighty League?  It only does the “your internet connection timed out” when you’ve just logged in and you have a strong, solid connection.  You can play regular (original) Angry Birds or any of the others but not Mighty League.

    This is getting beyond ridiculous with this one particular game.



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  • ixan57

    Hi @robross angry birds classic was updated a few days ago v.7.9.8
    Did you update?
    If you are playing on a android device go to Google play store. Tap the 3 horizontal bars top left. Select games and apps. Look for angry birds classic. Open and if update option there select that.
    If that option is not there DO NOT uninstall or clear data.
    Hope this may help, if not sorry can’t help any further.


    Hi and thanks for the reply – I did update.  This problem started Tuesday night, which was the same day as the update.

    I’m on an iPhone 6.  It’s only Mighty League that’s a problem – regular Angry Birds Classic is fine – as are all the other games.  It opens, starts “Connecting:  Collecting Blocks” and then… nothing.  The music plays, etc. – it just comes back with the “no internet connection”.


    Hi @robross sorry to hear that. Hope someone else can help on the iPhone system, I’m lost on that. Hope you get a solution soon


    I have the exact same issue.  I’m on an iPhone and I just checked and the update for AB Classic happened 2 days ago.  I did update to iOS 12.1 a couple days ago.  Is it possible that AB has not caught up for Mighty league with the new apple update?


    I am having the exact same problem on my IPad. I haven’t been able to get in the game since Tuesday. Prior to the current issue, the Mighty League would freeze up as I was playing all the time. I would have to go out and go back in to the program three times. Then it would boot me out and I could go back in and start playing again.


    What else can we do about this problem? I would like to play again.


    I have the iPhone 6S as well and I did the update Friday and ever since the update I’m having the same issue. I haven’t done the new iOS update so i dont know if that’ll help or not. This sucks. It’s always something


    Good to know I’m not the only one experiencing this issue but it sucks we’re having to go through it at all.

    Started happening to me also on Tuesday. Hope they address this soon.


    same for me a good game, but this seems will never be fixedAB people do not care


    Oh my gosh I am so glad I found this thread. Thought I had lost my mind. Not only am I having the same exact issue ever since I did the update, I actually went so far as to contact Rovio. Bad news…I don’t think they care. After a suggestion that didn’t work (airplane mode), they sent the issue to Development to be fixed. Given AB Classic updates only happen once every few months, I’m sadly not holding my breath on this being resolved anytime soon. Just glad to know I’m not alone.



    Same issue here….hadn’t realised it was caused by update. Still can’t connect. Hope it gets fixed soon


    No updates yet?!?!?!   I have been down for over two weeks, cannot play Mightly League!



    I’ve been having the same problem of not being able to download Mighty League for over two weeks; however, Angry Birds episodes work fine. I did notice a quick message that says: “Angry Birds Classics wants to use facebook.com to sign-in. This allows the apps to share information about you.”

    The message is so quick that I can’t select “cancel or continue” to play Mighty League. I just decided not to play Mighty League anymore unless someone can come up with a solution. I do not have a Facebook account. Any recommendations to solve this issue??????????????


    Well the update came and went and still no Mighty League. Anyone figure out a way to fix this yet


    I contacted Rovio and their response to the connection timeout error message is “they cannot find anything wrong with the program”. I think we will all have to wait until their next update to get anything better.

    It’s a shame as I love the Mighty League feature of Angry Birds.


    I’ve had the same trouble since some update MONTHS AGO…….  Just don’t do what I did and delete the app and reinstall it – you lose EVERYTHING, including your standing in the flinging line…… very sad!!!


    Latest update has corrected this for me. Hope it has for everyone else.


    Hello, the Mighty League says the same message for me. “Connection to the server has timed out”. (11/13/22) I am connected to the internet and yesterday it was working just fine.

    Edit: It works now! Idk what was going on.


    When I load up the Mighty League, it connects with 4 sentences. When it gets to “Balancing Blocks” the game freezes and says no internet connection.


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