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  • The situation:denied access to Chirp Valley unless I 3-star every last level before.What a blatant $-grubbing attempt.When I first reached end of Egg Woods I was about 20 stars short,then the WF repeatedly kicked in until I was 2 stars short on both platforms,namely the dreaded LEVELS 47 ‘ 58.Almost given up my sanity on both,HELP!Or perhaps you can help more in need!

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  • Fleshyskeleton

    Broken-down analysis,hope it helps:
    The difficulties in LEVEL 47:
    1.airborne pig in Stage 1,making it super duper hard to finish with less than 3 birds.Rarely achieved Strike with 1 well placed Bomb,but if you start with RYB you are screwed period.
    2.Stage 2 also hard to Strike,depending on the occurrence of tnt in bottom structure and if you end up w RYB again.Even worse,top left tower often features Miner and Umbrella pigs and balloon supports,meaning even more birds on them.
    The next two stages are relatively easy and should become points galore.Had to stop here while awaiting a fail safe strategy under worst of circumstances…


    @fleshyskeleton — Hi! Glad to see you’re still playing. There are walkthroughs for the levels you’re having problems with. They might help. I don’t remember having to 3* every previous level to get to the next set.


    A picture of the unlocking screen in my album which for some reason cannot be displayed here.
    As seen in the picture,the Chinese version has the same level layouts,only with many more $ grubbers,and I need to 3-star all previous levels to unlock Chirp Valley.
    First time I ever tried to embed.Don’t want to waste my hard earned cny on 1 imperfect level.The “friend invites” didn’t work.
    Should anyone else get stuck on these two crucial levels and need help,I will post sone screenshots of Stages in Lv 58 for someone to develop a fail safe strat for that,more importantly,
    How to Strike Stage 1
    How to deal with miner pig on top left tower
    Using less than 3 birds to clear stage 3 and get 270k+ afterward
    Also fyi,the walkthrough yields 2 stars.

    Sir Falcon

    @fleshyskeleton are you playing the Chinese version? It looks WAAY more like candy crush than AB2:p

Home Forums Angry Birds 2 Forum Two more stars to go!Help!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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