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  • Did anyone else get a request to complete a TOF survey? This came from within the game environment, not as a separate email link, etc. It asked for feedback on various aspects of TOF, including whether it was understandable, fair, why do you play it, what do you hope to get, and so on.

    I did the survey yesterday and today TOF let me run all the way to the 60th floor. Cost me 770 gems but got those back and then some. Unfortunately, I did not connect on the 40th fl jackpot egg and was a little surprised that there was no special bonus for reaching the top.

    It seems unlikely that this was a coincidence. Maybe a “thank you” for completing the survey?

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  • momokokou2

    @doulgas That’s interesting. No one that I know directly has spoken of having received the survey themselves. There were a handful of people who have friends   (outside of my clan) who did receive it. I did not hear whether or not they had success in the TOF as you did. I personally have never gotten the egg and have only played to higher floor levels a couple of times.  Good to hear you got some goodies, though! I think I read previously that you don’t spend real money in the game, so maybe they are trying to analyze non spenders in order to draw them in to the “gamble” as it were.


    Interesting. No, I have never spent real money in the 2+ years I’ve been playing, though I would have happily bought an ad-free version if that were an option.

    What I have done is hoard gems. By playing the arena a lot I accumulated nearly 20,000. I am never reluctant to throw 20+50 gems at the TOF just to see what happens and even 100 more if I can get past 15th floor. If I get a really good run going I’ll keep spending gems.  Point being, I’m sure Rovio can analyze this kind of behavior and tries to find ways to monetize it.

    I also don’t think Rovio devised a survey just for little old me, so I was curious about others’ experiences.


    As per my other thread, the fundamental feedback I would give is very simple: STOP handicapping paying customers in ToF, by taking away the free video option which non-paying customers have!

    ToF is frustrating as it is even with the free video, but at least that allows an average player to have an average run, getting 3-4 hats during the event. But without the free video players would have to spend hundreds of gems to go as deep, which is nonsense, because that’s more gems than what they bought, so Rovio gives the gems with one hand, takes the money, then takes back those gems, and then some, by making it a lot more difficult to get to the hats… Or if you choose not spend more gems than before, then you’re just handicapped against non-paying customers who’ll get more hats than you for the same gem investment.

    And no, the solution is not taking away the free vids from the non-paying customers. Then everyone will hate it… No, simply never take away the free videos, from any customer. It’s part of the fun of the game. Don’t be stupid to take that away.

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