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  • datguygamer

    If you change the percentage to 10% then that is called “nerfing”, not “buff”. Also I think it should stay in the game.


    Guilty of using Time Jump here.  I tend to see more opponents with Thorn Wall.  I have streaks of four or five opponents in a row almost daily using Thorn Wall.  Annoying to say the least.

    Prior to TJ I was using resurrect and used to see way too many opponents with TJ.  Wonder if it has any to do with what emblem you have equipped…


    I don’t own TimeJump and I’ll use It for sure if I have it …but not in any team.

    For example, actually I play with birds that do its best after being killed. The perfect compendium ti this strategy is resurrection emblem, because the most you killer them, the most they could come back to Life and attack or trigger effects again. I’m not going to use TJ in such a team.

    with a Total attack team (blues, bomb, red) and the right banner, TJ always fits any style. You are facing that many TJ because, aside minor strategies, It Can bè profitably abused by many teams configurations.

    on the other hand, a TJ frequently triggering is worst than Resurrection itself, because many birds Can deal a shitload of damages with a single kick, unbalancing the game.

    Actually I’m winning more than I’m losing. TJ and ThornWall and Resurrection emblems are the only ones I’m facing since months. I adapted my strategy like I told you before in order to make fun of their multiple attack. And win. :-)

    Zhuge Liang

    TJ is one of the most annoying emblem. I used to have one but it’s already underleveled. Guess the best counter is to have one of your own and use Chuck with cronos


    I’m sure the best way to deal with TJ is to find different and better ways to attack more than three times every round and trigger as many effects as you can in order to overwhelm enemies.

    My ideas are these ones, (tested over more than 1000 games and three different arena leagues):
    – Last Will (weapon): anytime Chuck dies, you will gain up to two free attacks;
    – Vengeance (weapon): anytime TheBlues die, you will gain a disenchant, a stun and a rage attack;
    – Resurrection (emblem): the rate of Resurrection effect over your birds is comparable to the one TJ apply over your enemies, cutting their multiple attacks edge over you;
    – Valliant (banner): a lesser recovery time turn back the edge to your favour, the most their birds are full time over yours, the most time you have to kill their banners.
    – while your opponents playing with TJ WANT to start the game, you know that if you did not win the starting coin flip you will at least attack twice, stun a bird, gain a rage, if not more, and all’ of this BEFORE your standard turn.
    – Chuck got killed twice? you gain up to 4 additional attacks
    – TheBlues GOT killed twice? you gain up to 2 stuns and 2 rages over enemies.
    – if you see through the “trend” that I’m describing, the most they attack, the best you gain and reflect to them.
    – you will easily kill opponents’ and birds during their own game round: these “game mechanics” stretched to the maximum almost completely shut opponents’ down or at least slow them down to a point from which you will doom enemies, regardless their initial starting Power
    – weaker birds got killed more frequently, producing their best combos multiple times.
    – the most you “counterattack and the most you ll fill your rage chili. your rage, is an atomic resource4
    – opt for the classes you can master the most: the kernel here are components

    Zhuge Liang

    Well that should destroy TJ


    Anyway, I can’t reply on my own forum. The website keep ordering me to log in, but that didn’t happen on the other forums. Is this a bug? Any sugestions to fix it?

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