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  • Rovio sucksNo fire rooster or any other 5 star


    Update: GG

    Update 2: Lol

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  • h82loze

    Congrats! I’m only at x11, so I guess I’ve got a lot more hatching to do :-(


    I’m at 11x, nothing yet, no 5-star on the other events either. I also seem to have weird luck with 4-star bird colors too.

    4 Stars:

    Black – 7

    White – 4

    Yellow – 1

    Red – 0

    Blue – 4


    Well I finally got him! Last hatch before it went to x13.


    I am now up to x20 and still haven’t received him (though I did receive a different five star during the process).  Was curious to see what the highest times x was.



    I don’t know that scam is the appropriate word, but I worked hard to get the 250 tickets for 10 hatches (since my multiple hatches did not produce the new bird or any other high-level bird), but when I hatched the 10-hatch ticket the best bird I got was Owlpheus, which I already have two. So at the very least its pretty darn frustrating!


    I finished at 13x, no 5-star at all. Even though I didn’t spend it (I’m sure someone did), that’s around $150 in golden tickets. I don’t even want to calculate the guy that was up to 20x. I’m all for profiting off your business, but those are outrageous numbers for basically nothing. The first half of the event, in my tier, I took 1st in event points, 1st in pvp (not relevant) clan was 1st, but the last half was brutal for getting rockets and tickets. I finished at 211/250 in rockets. Not to mention, the time I spent playing feels wasted. Congrats on everyone that got the event bird, or even a 5-star and sorry for the rest of us that didn’t get anything. @nsar, I have 4 Kowalski’s, so I feel your pain on the duplicates :-P.

    Kieran Benson

    I got fire rooster at x18 and x13, but my girlfriend was so lucky and got fire rooster at x3. It’s just a matter of luck


    Oddly – I have three Fire Roosters.  One was at 1X, one at 2X and one at 5X.  The 5X was last.  None were on 10 egg hatch tickets.


    Update 3: Masive progress on the game. Got 4 more 5* birds. Got a Carson to gold. And have a billy the blitz ready to evolve!


    Current Team BTW: Claude, Billy The Blitz, Fire Rooster, Carson, Terence


    also have a Trey, Owlpheus, and a Probotnik

Home Forums Angry Birds Evolution Forum This event is NOT a total scam

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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