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    I am somewhat lost here perhaps. If you lose the toss and thereby lose Chuck/Blues in your stated config, then there won’t be a Glee to heal upon reviving and dealing damage. I maintain that this is a wasted turn in PvP.

    Basically you’ll heal a bunch up for the banner if you cast Glee on it. Since we’re playing the scenario that we go 2nd and we lose Chuck/Blues on the enemies first turn. On the turn Chuck/Blues revive together. Cast Glee on our damaged banner and unleash havoc with Wizard/TL. Incredibly combo reliant but feels really satisfying gaining all that health back.

    As much as I like to advocate Spies for the Arena, I think its met its match now that Witch has an immediate impact with Giant Growth. I’ll certainly plan on playing more Witch once it reaches the same mastery as my strongest classes.


    Sorry for not following up on your earlier point!

    It’s a massive oversight on the developers part. They want to fix a problem for a specific environment but they’ll end up making even more issues to the average player by releasing this set for Chuck. Things are looking a bit grim for PvP if you ask me.

    I’ve really enjoyed discussing these issues with you peeps. I hope to do a follow up video presenting more technicalities regarding what we’ve mainly gone through this thread. So much to talk about regarding PvP. Keep you guys posted!


    I don’t know how relevant this is for those of you playing at level 50.

    I play in the arena with my level 24 team, with birds now at mastery level of 9. I would have thought the natural counter to the Valiant banner set is the venomous team (Rainbird with Reborn set, Rogues with Save me set, Druid with Sweet or Nightmare set) – equipped with Blessed banner set and the Rage Shield. I often also replace wither Rainbird or Druid with Paladin equipped with Protector’s Aura. I have had success with my level 24 team against teams equipped with the Valiant set.

    I am not sure how this works for those of you playing at level 50. Your approaches all appear to have been to power through the opponents. Knocking out opponent birds with poisons adds an extra turn to the time the opponent birds are knocked out. Hence the venomous team works against the bonus of the Valiant banner set.

    And for those wondering, battles at lower levels are equally as difficult as those at level 50. I get matched a long way up in terms of the exp levels of bird teams and even meet mastery 12 bird classes. But that doesn’t necessarily mean what I have seen at level 24 works at level 50. Have any of you tried this team against an opponent equipped with the Valiant banner set?

    I also find the venomous team is also the best counter to the resurrection emblem, which many of you have indicated the Valiant set is often equipped with.


    The problem with Valiant is that it can still be combined with Mana Set (although Reset isn’t a bad choice if you’re fighting someone *without* Valiant).

    Last night, I spun up Valiant Head, completing the set. It’s like playing Arena on “easy mode”. :D


    Protector set + Mana set + Shadow set is an excellent anti-KO combination as it has less damage dealt to each bird, has a chance to prevent toxic damage to each bird and has a chance for the Blues to dodge damage. You could substitute the Sonic set for the Mana set, losing some protection on the front end but picking it up on the back end (25% chance to continue knockouts). Combine these with Valiant and you have pretty tough team (not unbeatable but tough).

    Btw, Mana can counter Sonic since Sonic imparts a negative effect and Mana protects uup to 60% of the time (versus the Sonic’s 25% trigger).

    Lee Rockwell

    And where do you get the valiant top?

    Ryogo Kusama

    @lee-rockwell Exactly where you get everything in this game… from the golden pig machine (but the arena one).

    Holy crap, I didn’t think about that until now… you made me realize something awful.
    So basically, not only they didn’t introduce a proper counter-measure for the Valiant Set, but it’s even more useless than previously thought because half of your opponents use the Mana Set on Chuck, countering the Sonic one… not cool.
    I have got the Sonic set today from the AGPM with x5 Rainbow Riot, I’ll try to face some opponents to see if that’s really how it works, but if that is the case then it’s really bad news.


    @lee-rockwel – you need to get lucky in the arena spins. I know that’s not the answer you were looking for, but that’s what it boils down to. Lots of spins and getting lucky.


    With the update it changed. Now got 65% chance to happen.


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