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  • has anyone ever noticed when you don’t use ALL your power ups along w/the wingman you don’t get a higher score as if you were throughout the whole episode? 🤔😏🙄 also the side challenge where you’re up against a single player, I know I beat this particular game I know it and it would’ve been 6 in a row but oh nooooo the other person win! I really think it’s fixed at times! 😓 and I can’t ALWAYS buy power ups, but I swear they know when you will, they fix it so you’ll NEED to!! This breaks my heart if it is in fact true! I’m a devout player I play ALL angry birds all day long from friends to mighty, the only one I’ve stopped because when I changed from one iPad mini to another I somehow lost all my Star Wars levels and I’d done them ALL!! Way too aggravating to start those all over again! AND Rio I don’t play all the time! But whenever there’s a challenge I’m there! Saddened that they haven’t replaced the weekend one where you had all weekend to get the highest score! I know you’ll probably say then stop playing! Easier said than done! Just wondering if anyone else has noticed? Thanks for your time! ✌️

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