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  • We have another hat adventure active, this time using the Uncommon-tier Street Hat set, one which everyone should have completed by now. If you are missing any hats then they cost a measly 100 black pearls each.

    The adventure is 9 rounds and as of writing this is active for another 5 days 19 hrs (as per my game). The prizes are: Rare Chest, 1000 Rainbow Feathers, 2000 RF, 5000 RF and 10,000 RF.

    Rounds 1 and 2 are only 4 rooms so you can naturally expect that to go up by 1 room over time. The rounds use rooms with fans so be extra careful with your shots so you  use the fans to your advantage where possible.

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  • nubie

    hard maps with alot of heavy stones buildings in nearly all lvl


    Suck on round 7. Made it to the final room, once, but with no birds left. Wasn’t going to spend gems because unless I got Bomb, Terrance, and Grey or Red, it would have been a waste.

    If you don’t beat room 1 with 2 birds max, start over. Even then, I didn’t get the right birds until much later. All the ones which are good against stone are bunched up in the back of the order.


    I can’t even get past room four I don’t think I’m that bad of a player I just don’t what to give them any gems . Am I the only one that is having difficulties with this hat adventure?



    Doom Baby

    You’re definitely not the only one. Rovio is just being their typical douchebag selves. Everything is crap now. Pigs scattered everywhere, everything is made of stone, Terence can’t break through anything anymore, the list goes on. The game is terrible now and no longer fun. Unfortunately most of us are addicted to the game so we can’t stop playing – but fortunately we wised up and don’t spend money on it anymore, and we sure as hell don’t advertise the game for them either.


    @doombaby, your hyper-negativity gets really old and why no one pays attention to what you say. It is simply “Rovio bad” repackaged over and over. Why do you even play or post here if you hate it all so much?

    That said, yes, round 4 is a pain. It is beatable without gems, but it takes a perfect run. No idea how many times I had to try it. I only paid gems to beat round 7 yesterday because I wanted to feathers due to the FF as it let me level up Bomb. Otherwise, I would have not used 60 gems to beat it.

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