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  • Why do they keep doing these all Stella adventures? I can’t take part until tomorrow once again. It isn’t very fun only using one bird.

    I was hoping after the last one that they would do another one with hats I already have. :(


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  • Yue

    well, this one is easy and fun….passed all stages in an hour…no waiting time, no gem needed…consider this event as gift…


    @yue-zhang, thanks for letting me know. I wonder if they will ever do an event for Hal and Stella or one with Hal, Stella and the next new bird.

    Hope I can get through it as easily. :)

    Joe B.

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Totally agree. This round was refreshing and I enjoyed it despite the pinkfest.</p>
    I did decide to spend some gems on the last rooms of 6 and 7 but only because I was 2 pigs away and feel the final chest was worth it 7k silver feathers.


    I made it through the first five levels super quick, but level six is going to take a lot more thought if I don’t want to spend gems.

    Unfortunately, there is a 30 minute wait time between fails. :/

    Update: I was able to get through level 6 after about 3 tries. Tried level 7, but it is a bit tricky too. I’m going to wait until the super streak arena event is over to see if another double bps or feather event will start.


    I’ll wait a bit maybe there will be double feather event coming, after super steak weekend…


    @apprentice, we just had double feather frenzy so I think the next event would probably be double black pearls.

    I’m waiting to beat level 7 and collect the legendary chest just in case. :)


    Had to pay for one continue on level 7, mostly because I just did not want to try again. Probably could have done it without gems, eventually, but just didn’t feel like it. Mostly I wanted to get the chest because I need 1 more and I’ll finish the feat of opening 50 and get another one.


    Completed it today, level 6 was the hardest, I have got an Eagle spell in level 7. It is much easier than the previous Stella’s adventure, though I only got 500BPs.


    Tried it, but last room of level 5 made me ragequit. Broke structure with last bird and two remaining pigs fell to bouncer. All clear? Not so. Pigs collided, only one popped, but other continued to bounce while moving slowly sideways. Just about when pig was to hit floor and pop, game decided I lost. Not going to try that POS again.



    Got through the first 6 fairly easy, did fork out 60 gems to finish level 6 though but now I’m stuck on level 7 room 2. Does anyone have any tips on demolishing  that first heavy concrete structure? Attempted to take it apart a little at a time from the top, not the entire thing at a time since to heavy for her, that usually works but it’s not here? Also tried taking a stick from the bottom to knock down but of course nothing budges?


    Well, I waited and the double BP event started, but of course, I picked the lowest feather card out of the bunch.

    I WAS happy they were for bomb because I am very close to leveling him up again, but a card with only 6000 feathers was very disappointing. I picked 15000 for hal from a rare chest. :(

    Had to spend only 60 gems for the event to beat the last room on level 7 so not too bad.

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