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  • I don’t get it, Rovio! The new “Raiding Party” mini-game started at 9:00am, my time I just happened to remember and was there in under 15 seconds. I tapped onto the leaderboard and…… Holy Crapola!!! There are three dudes ALREADY at over 6000 points! My questions: if these games are synchronized all over the world, how the hell do I stand a chance of having a fair and enjoyable experience??? I give up. This my last go round. I will use up my saved up gold and silver and get outta Dodge! Thanx! Sometimes it’s been, fun, but much too often lately, it’s been anything but that.

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  • Bubbley

    @trappernorth I just reported one in the Cheater thread. I opened on the second it started just by chance. Pas had 6410 points.


    @trappernorth @bubbley Those are not actual players, but dummies. We all have them at 6,410 to push us to go beyond 6k.


    @sal9 for goodness sake. Never seen it before so why now? We are in the same league by the way.

    Green Whacker

    I have those users as well “Pas” at 6410 but I don’t think they will gain any points so we can easily pass that mark within 4 days.

    Mighty Red

    Just 10 minutes after the event started, the 1st place person in my leaderboard had 3200 points. I don’t know if it was legit or not, but either way, I no longer need to focus on the Epic events because a short while ago I got my 260th mastery badge.


    These dummy accounts really irritate me.


    Top 4 in my league and their points:

    Pas – 6410
    Pands – 3200
    Muuna – 3100
    FY – 2995

    Is everybody else the same?


    Same here jim


    Cool. In that case, I’m in second, only ~ 100 or so behind the leader.


    I think so – my board also started with cheaters / dummies:
    6,410 Pas
    3,200 Pands


    I have one level 29 dummy which was at 3200 points once the event begun, but just that one. He hasn’t increased since.


    I started late, but I have one person (“Kot”) at 3470, with second at 995. Far too late for me to know if first place is a dummy or legit, though. None of the other names mentioned.


    Really don’t get why ppl still keep playing this game. Dummy players in events, multiple achievements constantly bugged, messed up arena (cheaters, fixed line up’s after completing a daily objective etc).
    It has become real programming joke this game.


    I’m apparently in a league by myself. None of the other scores on my leaderboard have moved since the start. Weird. I mentioned the top 4 above, #5 is You and has 1365, #6 Thor with 745, then 2 unnamed players at 530 and 315, a long name beginning vy with 40, then a bunch of names, including a second Thor all with 0. Again, all unchanged since the start.

    When I first saw this event coming almost immediately after the last one, I commented that it looks like Rovio is just phoning it in at this point, and that appears to be the case.


    Same here PAS 6410 and Pands 3200. Looks like 3rd plce is legit at 6200. It’s all good as I have 16,605 right now.


    Seems like I’m on a clean board this event. Maybe @jim151 has my ghost on his board? I use the name “You” on my events.



    All my boards seem clean this week + populated with real people. All totals seem to be moving as one would expect.


    @trappernorth These “dummy” accounts are on all sorts of games, not just Angry Birds. I remember seeing some on games for consoles (Xbox, Wii, Playstation, etc.), like Mario Kart or Club Penguin. They are there to “egg” (get it? Angry Birds?) you on to get cool prizes. Red and Chuck on Friends and Go! are perfect examples

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