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  • The Birds and the Brains – An Aviary Oratory on the Highest Flight of Cinema I am giving this sermon before you in honor of what is about to be conceived. That being your minds reacting to this flow of light and sound waves put so perfectly together that I doubt any of you will ever have the same experience again, except, of course, when you go for your second viewing. And you third. And your fourth. And your fifth. And your fiftieth. And hopefully many, many more. Times infinity – I could obsess all day over every single time you are likely to go see this movie, every minute detail, but I’m afraid we don’t have the time for that, thought we do deserve it. We deserve that time more than our freedoms. Our rights. Our lives. Nothing compares to the time you are spending right now that the time you will be spending in less than half an hour. So, we must continue on and address the more important details of the film, though what has already been discussed and could be discussed is so magnificent that you could not even name anything more important at this very moment. Before we truly get started, though, I must give a quick history lesson of this event, speech, and movie we are about to absorb into our souls for the nourishment they have so long desired. Back in March 27th of this year, the first of many trailers was dropped for The Angry Birds Movie 2. It has now received nearly 5 million views, deserving far, far more, of course. It began the hype train of a lifetime and we are about to end this adventure into a satisfying parallel parking maneuver. June 20th was when I only really realized the magnitude of consequences this motion picture would have on communities across the globe – wait – I mean our pancake of a planet, for that was when the final trailer for this movie was revealed.

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