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  • @roviobeni, @roviohuzz – This business of always having to tap the nest is a textbook example of terrible, terrible UI design. You have a whole map of things to potentially interact with, but the game ignores ALL of that while demanding the player tap the nest. The notion of false choice and invalid choice is very aggravating. If you want the player to start in the nest, START THEM IN THE NEST.

    Don’t waste the player’s time by forcing them to tap on it.

    Otherwise, go back to the previous version, and just let the player tap whatever they like.


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  • MVNLA2

    @roviobeni — I strongly urge you to get rid of the requirement to tap the nest before you do anything, but having the game start in the nest IS NOT THE ANSWER. The reason is that you have never fixed the Facebook log-in bug, and it is important to be logged into Facebook before you go to the nest if you want to get a free roll on a friends advanced GPM rather than McCools regular GPM.
    It is true that you have fixed the bug re Facebook login in the calendar, and it is possible to open the calendar before going to the nest, and log in from the calendar. However, I bet a lot of people don’t realize this and get cheated out of a free roll on an advanced GPM.

    Angry Johnny

    I do not think Rovio intended the game to make you tap the nest every time you start it up. This is most likely a bug, some code is probably saying that there is something crucial for the player to do in the nest even if there isn’t when you start the game.


    Bug or intentional, it’s just miserable.


    I think it’s a bug. This “tap on the nest” should be here only when we unlock Elite Knight. The game will show us how change between normal and √©lite…. I think…

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