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  • I just won a rare chest in the arena, but I only have 72 gems (I’m waiting for the tournament to end for 1000 gems) but one of the cards was 15k rainbow feathers so I wanted to try a second card because I would have been okay picking any of the remaining cards. I went to go buy 80 gems for $0.99 and it was no longer an option in the gem shop. The lowest option was $4.99 for 400 gems so I exited. Their greed knows no bounds. >:(

    Also, I don’t know if it is just me or not, but it definitely seems like when I fall below 60 or 80 gems, the prizes offered in the rare chests get immensely better like 15k feather cards or large BP cards, multiple 3 spell cards like they are trying to entice people to buy gems and now it will be more expensive if you do.

    When I have 1000 plus gems, the cards are always lame hats that i already have or low feather amounts and i always pick the crappiest card. :/

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  • Buster

    @sb311, you may be onto something. I have about 15,000 gems and I have noticed a gradual decline in the value of the rewards, but I thought it was just a general deflation as we see in other aspects of the game.


    @sb311, you only think YOU picked the lousiest card.

    Rovio picks them for you.

    I can predict with 95% accuracy which card will be the next to be turned over, and I guarantee you it will be the ‘ next lousiest’ card left, and then spend more gems rewards get up the line for the next lousiest cards until you have spent over 2000 or more gems to get to the only good card in that hand.



    @bill-l, I mainly only spend 80 gems when there is a card with 12k feathers or more and I have been picking them more often than not lately so i figured why not. They don’t come up for me that often. I agree that more times than not, you do get the crappiest card.

    Now, Rovio will get nothing from me not even $0.99.


    The best card always show up at last(fifth), @bill-l is definitely right, I have tested it and wasted more than 1k gems once. I never pay a single gem on these cards since then. If you didn’t pick the 15k feathers at first, just let it go.

Home Forums Angry Birds 2 Forum Taking away $0.99 for 80 gems

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