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  • I have had enough of the game it’s gotten so boring. All the events are basically the same and the only new characters are literal $30 Redecos that have the same features as the originals that are for FREE! This game is losing hope and is not getting better. I just hope they fix the problems with it so it is more fun to play other than spend on prime pass and play unfair events. I’m not gonna play this game for a while as it’s losing my interest. Just please fix the game.

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  • moi

    Here’s another one with the same opinion.
    Please make the game less boring and reintroduce new free characters.


    I’m getting bored, too.  I’m not that interested in new characters, but I’d like to see some kind of innovation.  It’s been about 1 1/2 years since the game was revamped.  Perhaps replace the Challenge Run with something else.


    I am thinking the same.


    Seeya John. I’ve enjoyed your enthusiasm & inquisitivness for this game. Ever play Krunker? It’s free and once you figure out the settings and stuff it’s alot of fun. 100’s of maps and lots of variety. All the best!


    If you play the new event you can get lotssssss of coins John, the big Golden blocks are back💰💰💰🙂


    Ok I’ve returned. The game still seems to be the same since last year but I still need to unlock the jungle and more characters before Rovio decides to take this game off the App Store (eventually). I just wish they would add actual new characters though but it looks like that won’t happen since I’m guessing when the war pass is done the game might be over.


    I’d taken a break from ABT myself and I don’t regret it. The game had made me so anxious… I couldn’t let an event run go by. Also, seeing that is still the same mill wheel makes me wonder why I’d delayed so much my decision to stay away from it.

    I may return, only if it is worth it.


Home Forums Angry Birds Transformers Forum Taking a break from abt

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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