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  • I was off hunting a golden pig in one of the lower stages and it brought me some memories that when I was a newbie (long time ago), struggling to keep my birds alive in those stages… and now… just a flick of a pinkie feathered finger to wipe them out.

    My, how much time has flown…

    My first memory of this is when meeting the wealthy pig for the first time and getting like 50 snoutlings… I was like “SCORE!”

    What’s yours?

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    Mines gotta be when I got my first set item. The Ballista Bolts. Man my Blues just seemed so OP to me back then.


    back when the game was just out and when there were no things like mastery and arena, I honestly liked using snoutlings for upgrading a class more and the arena is way too had for me I lose almost all of the battles

    also angry birds epic crashes every time I start it


    @partshade I totally agree :-D When I obtained my first epic set… ‘Artillery Strike’… I was so damn excited! It was, like, LVL-15 or some rubbish… Lol!


    @partshade @angryde I don’t even really remember which my first set was. I believe it may have been Rock, Paper, Scissors. Back in the day, I would collect the LC from the golden pig for about 3 weeks, and then go on a GPM spree. As a result, I had plenty of set items pretty much from Level 10 or so onwards. Of course, they were outdated as I levelled up, but since I kept spending my LC to buy new ones, I always had good items. Imagine how I felt When I reached max level the first time (I think it was L30 or 31 at that time), and all of a sudden all new GPM items I got were the best out there. I only started buying other things for LC when I had one max level set for each bird (with the exception of the Paladin, which I got pretty early, and used very frequently together with the Princess).

    Golden Piggie

    Mine probably was getting titangrip, I was like wait what there are set items?


    My first set was pre-nerf BEEP!, and it definitely made the game a lot easier.

    Now, I don’t pay a single GP unless I’m getting 5x Riot at max level.


    @graugeist Even though I’ve been playing this game since launch… I still don’t have ‘*BEEP* ATTACK!’ or ‘Scissors.’ So annoying!


    Mine’s the Sugar Rush, but that time my Bomb was very weak because the Candy Bomb was absolutely outdated.


    @angryde I can see why you’re angry – those are my go-to sets!

    But I do recall the hunt – it wasn’t until very recently that I got Ballista to complete Artillery. And now we have Chuck’s new item to chase.


    @graugeist I have simply accepted that I will never, ever spin ‘Rock’ or ‘Remote Controlled Robot.’ Lol!


    Today there was a golden pig located at South Beach level 1, AKA the first level in the game.

    That poor level 1 pig didn’t stand a chance…

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