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  • Hey guys.
    We are two students from Italy and Germany, studying international marketing in Sweden and currently writing a master thesis about Angry Birds and the company behind it.

    We are very interested in how people in this forum perceive the game and therefore we would be very glad if you could take 5-10 minutes of your time to respond to our survey.

    It would really help us a lot!

    Thank you very much,
    Dario and Ben

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  • Power Pork

    It Was Great!
    Thanks For The Survey,i really enjoyed It!
    And Good Luck With Your Survey


    Good luck with your survey – it would be interesting to learn what you found.


    @ben88 & Dario
    Good luck with your survey!
    You can find out a lot by reading some of the threads in all the forums.
    You might particularly be interested in those listed below.
    Although the first thread, which was started by Rovio, was met with great enthusiasm, the enthusiasm rapidly turned to disgust when it became obvious that Rovio wasn’t really paying attention to fan concerns about real issues with AB Epic (see the following 2 threads). Although Rovio obviously started the thread as a good-will publicity attempt, in the end it has had a very negative effect on fans’ views of Rovio.

    From Rovio to Epic Fans: Cheaters and Leaderboards
    I mentioned this in your survey, but one big negative is that Rovio has in the past year or so become increasingly greedy in terms of making very expensive IAPs essential for advancing in the game. A case in point is Stella Pop, where some of the original timed levels were nearly impossible for all but the best players to pass without spending ~$50.
    Rovio started with very inexpensive games (~$2 for mobile, ~$5 for PC). Consequently, people all over the world and from every socio-economic class played them. AngryBirdsNest had a similar distribution of members, and the interaction here was very educational. It still is educational, but I think the number of people without much money has decreased a lot.
    Now the new Rovio games are free, but they rely heavily on expensive IAPs.
    I hope that as part of your thesis work, you play each of the Rovio games, especially the more recent for comparison to the older games.
    I hope you know that the original AB games (ABO, Seasons, Rio, and Space) had no IAPs and no power ups (PUs). The first IAPs were the Mighty Eagle (~$2 for unlimited use), and special episodes, like the Danger Zone. When Rovio first introduced PUs, there was a great protest on ABN (look in the old forum), and many of us turned our avatars black and white and added a “no PU” symbol (my avatar still has the symbol). ABN still does not allow PU scores on many of its leaderboards.


    @mvnla Agreed :D.

    Bad piggies

    @mvnla2 I also agree. I would rather pay for a full game with no iap (the me is fine as it’s more like a new game-mode and not that expansive) then the free games with a lot of iap and PU.



    If you want a more “lively” set of responses, make surveys about in-app purchases or power-ups. :-)


    @ben88 I also filled out your survey but I missed an opportunity to provide some comments.

    I also started playing Angry Birds a few years ago when you could buy a game for a few bucks. Back then, I considered Rovio’s games great fun and great value. If you liked their games, you could pay for more content (a different AB game or a ‘mission pack’ for AB Space.) Since then, however, Rovio has transitioned along with the rest of the industry to freemium where the initial download is free but they nickel and dime you in perpetuity and bombard you with advertising (skip the built-in waiting/ grinding or get better scores by paying for power-ups, bird-coins, gems, telepods, last-chance characters, whatever). For me, the turning point was AB Go!.

    I still play old Angry Birds games but I haven´t been a Rovio fan or customer in quite a while. I used to be, but I consider the brand tarnished now.

    Best wishes with your thesis!


    @burpie — Rovio doesn’t nickel and dime you, they charge at least $10, up to several $100s for IAPs.


    Filled it in! I wouldn’t exactly say that Rovio/AB is very educative, but like any other game, it does develop/require basic skills. One thing that dulled my opinion of Rovio was the recent updates and games, and Rovio somewhat phasing out the voice of players, like in Epic, rampant with cheaters that are never stopped, and things like in Stella Pop with no way to earn anything at all. When Rovio ‘published’ its 2015 April Fools joke, well, no comment. Right now, I find myself significantly distanced from Rovio right now.


    Hey Angry Birders,
    we are actually overwhelmed by the feedback and participation we received so far in this forum and want to thank all of you!!!! This really helps us a lot and we are optimistic that our results will be very interesting.

    Of course we’ll be verry happy to share the results of the survey and our thesis here!

    We see that the biggest concern here seems to be the pricing policy of Rovio and this actually is touched peripherically by our research. Our main focus is on the fans and customers perception of Angry Birds as a product and what that means for the perception of Rovio as a company. Rovio itself describes their policy as fan-centric and fan delighting and in these terms your responses and the answers in the survey so far are very interesting!

    We hope to get even more feedback and are interested in more opinions. We’ll stay in touch! Please keep participating :) Thanks a lot!

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