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  • I downloaded a Zub Zero update earlier this evening. 18 new races… the familiar three race modes (3 modes x 5 races each) and instead of unlocking a new character you get 3 slalom races to complete solo against the clock.

    There’s just the one track… down a snow covered mountain!

    There’s also just one bird coin kart. All of the others require gems, starting with just 100 gems and going up to outrageous amounts.

    It’s pretty fun, but if you upgrade your cart to the max (which I did before my first race) there’s not much of a challenge.

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  • Adrian McShade

    Yeah, I downloaded it earlier. Seems that the race is fun, because the race track is… so slippery. I had trouble controlling my cart. :P

    I also noticed that Rovio nerfed some of the race tracks (eg: Stunt Track 1) so that there are fewer coins. Pretty disappointed, if you ask me.

    And new carts are added to different chapters… I’m pretty sure that all the karts that are available in Series 2 telepods belong to different chapters.
    (Originally I bought Red cart (Air Guitar) from series 2, and it turned out to be the highest stat cart in Air, replacing Rapid Rider.)


    a preview, huh. most likely to test it first before the final version.

    it’s ok. you don’t get many coins or jewels, though. glad i got the coin doubler :)

    yah the course is rather slick and hard to manage, but you get used to it. i think i put too much speed on my cart. should have had more handling on it first. i don’t know. i’m not an expert when it comes to cart cc’s.


    Hello all of you guys. After I completed all 18 new Races I started to do Challenges : so I am 11 Ch. On Sub Zero . I have found out this on Ice Splat Challenge #2 ; on the mid of the 3 missions there is this Mission : ” Use 10 Boss Pads “. After playing with at least a half of the Drivers I Could not found out Any Booss Pad even that I used the Power Up ” Bosst pad ” ….!!!!! Do you have the same problem!!!! Because I am thinking there are not any Booss Pad!!!! Maybe it’s a Bug or a Glitch : or maybe they forgot to put on it a Booss Pad. Talk to me about your experience on this Challenge.!!! Please…!!!


    @nacho18 I have the same problem with the Use 10 Boss Pads challenge there doesn’t seem to be any


    Hello : Good Mornig on Sunday. Hey Guys I am Stuck on Time Boom , Fuse I am on Challenge #4 ; Mission ” Sligth Shot very close any opponent .” Tried many many times using almost all drivers; Sub Zero ; it’s very difficult …!!! So any clue or any tip will be to much appreciated …!!! Who passed this one ; please help me with some advice ..!!! I am 9 on Race ; 4 on time boom and 2 on splat ice. This last one I stoped ‘ cause maybe has a bug ; not boost pad at all. ..!!! Any clue.!!!

    . Help!!

    . Help.!!!


    @nacho18, sorry, I haven’t played any of the new challenges.

    The new track woke me up for about half an hour… now I’m back into hibernation until we get multi-player ;-)


    Hi all! Spent the past weekend with iffy wifi, so some of my experiences with Sub-Zero may be related to that.
    Anyway I started playing AB Go again when I discovered you could play the daily event without finishing the rest of the courses. I was really happy to discover that the second event for me was a Sub-Zero course! When I first downloaded the update, I couldn’t open Sub-Zero, but sometime during last weekend, it opened, and I can play it even though I am only part way through rocky road! Spent a few empty hours playing it, although I can’t get that far without spending coins I don’t have.

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