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  • Can someone explain the 3-6-9 rule I see by so many clans?  I’ve looked it up online and it sounds to me like for the basic clangame where you win 1 point and get 3 points if you play twice and win both times then in order to be part of clans with the 3-6-9 rule you’re required to use your gems each time to meet the minimum requirements. Are these clan members buying gems, only using them for clan games?  I get clans wanting you to play consistently but I don’t understand the minimum points rule or how that even helps the clan if it’s not part of a clan battle.

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  • Kochschwein

    First of all, if you are in a good clan which do and win all clan events, it’s fair to share not only the rewards but also the work to get them. That means the rule 3-6-9 or 3-6-12.

    3 points in 200-point-events,

    6 points in 400-point-events and

    9 or 12 points in 600-point-events.

    Every member has to reach this minimum. In case of a full clan with 50 members the average score is


    400:50=8 and


    So there are points left to battle for the first rewarded places. Most of the time it’s forbidden to overtake in the rewarded places when the event is done. It’s a good rule to avoid freeloaders and moochers who only do 1 point to get the rewards while other members score much more to get the event done.
    You haven’t to buy gems if you be careful and don’t waste them in TOF or arena. Of course you may not use all your gems for yourself, but the rewards in clan events are worth it. To reach 3 points it will take 20 gems/1 day-event. 6 points will cost 60 gems/2-days-event, 9 points will cost 120 gems/3-days-event.

    Also you are helping the clan to reach a better ranking in MEBC.

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