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  • Anyone else stuck at level 1 Pink Halloween Pig? First 3 Pigs have been level 1 Pink Halloween Pig for 27 points each. Pig levels are not moving up as usual. Anyone else experiencing this same issue?

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  • Gabee1611

    Ive fought 3 Level 1 Pink Pigs, 1 Level 2 Pink Pig, 1 Level 1 Purple Pig, and 1 Level 2 Purple Pig.

    Edit: Just fought another Level 1 Purple Pig


    Same problem here, it seems that every time you close the game the pig kills reset back to level 1 and unfortunately the game closes on it’s own while you wait for bird energy to recover.

    Wonder if everyone have the same problem… but i dont think so because i started out at rank 500 this morning and now at rank 2500 using every bird energy available and fighting the same level 1 pig over and over and over again.


    Have this problem too….
    Lvl1, lvl2, lvl1,lvl2: /

    Netto JM

    Same problem here. that’s a shame, just for the best boat :'(


    Everything is fine for me. Just sad I spent 60 gems on 4x slot this morning in hope to receive a boat item for the event and I only got crap items… my SS items I got were not much better then my SS I already had… One day i’ll win a good boat…


    @troisdsmax I hope you didn’t buy those gems..


    Maybe 1 or 2 was from my one time only buy and get red hammer. Most of them was from last arena + island rewards


    Level 10 purple Halloween pig gave me no points and did not get in my log.


    @eggstealer: Same for me, 2 of the thougher pigs lvl 21 and 23 didn’t show up in my logs… that 400+ points lost and 2 energy =/

    That problem has been happening forever. Sometimes it will show up later in the event, sometimes not…


    @ezeromark, @gabe-nestor, @saren, @pees2te, @netto-jm are you still getting the same Levels 1 & 2 pigs repeating or has it been resolved? I didn’t have a problem yesterday on either device (iPad or iPhone) & today is also fine. I’m just interested in how & why these things happen.

    , as @troisdsmax said, this has been a problem forever (I reported to Rovio in July & again in September & they sweep it under the carpet, continuing to ignore rather than fix the issue). There are reports here on ABN, on their FB page, in the Android & iOS App reviews & they still refuse to beliee the loss of points being awarded as Ship energy is lost problem exists.

    Do you record your points so you’ll know if those points are ever credited? I don’t mind if they occasionally fail to appear in the Log, but it really ticks me off to not get the points I legitimatleu earned. I won’t spend Gems for any additional Ship energy for this very reason. So far I’ve only had 1 Help fight that not only failed to award points but also stole the Ship energy.


    I haven’t had this problem, I wonder why. I just fought a level 8 purple pig, so I guess
    it’s working for me.


    My problem is gone. Everything is ok


    Level 1 pigs are back for me. Both pink and purple.

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